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Advice for Tech Challenges During COVID-19

By NAIFA on 4/22/20 8:56 AM

Topics: Technology

A&T would like to share some of the common challenges the company is hearing from customers who are dealing with the impact of COVID-19 and how it is helping them address these challenges. Here are a couple of these challenges:

Challenge: Due to increased network volume across the nation as people are working remotely, businesses may experience increased bandwidth requirements, increased latency and crashes, and restricted or problematic access to critical apps; they want to add bandwidth, especially at hub sites.

Advice: Software-defined networking and virtualization technologies can enable you to dial up bandwidth on demand to multiple sites. You can efficiently scale the network requirements quickly to help with increased traffic and other network-related stress.

Challenge: Concern about cyber criminals attacking.

Advice: You can check with cybersecurity consultants, who can help you assess your evolving network configuration. Also, any cybersecurity process that you can automate will alleviate some of the burden on your IT team.

Challenge: Increased need for executive communication with strategic staff, suppliers, employees, and customers.

Advice: Equip your business with executive conferencing solutions and expanded digital tools across a variety of channels to enable more agile messaging. Consider additional executive communication methods like SMS, voice, and video conferencing that can adjust to enable large-scale reach.






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