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NAIFA Members Provide Financial Independence

The agent, the banker, the financial advisor working for the client, you see.

Okay, that may not be the way you remember the nursery rhyme, but whether you go with the 1950s sanitized version or the 14th Century English version that may have referenced a bawdy show, there is an implication in the rhyme that three seemingly different professionals in close collaboration with one another are probably up to no good. 

Let’s agree that nothing could be more untrue.  That’s our story and we’re sticking to it!

The modern world of insurance, investing, and banking are complex and interwoven.  That’s why Customers Bank chose to partner with NAIFA.

We recognize the strength of strong collaboration to support and assist the clients we share. Individuals with a high net worth usually play integral roles in private and public organizations.  Their personal financial needs require an array of services giving them access to insurance products for life, health, property, casualty, and inter-generational transfer; investment instruments including securities, corporate bonds, and municipals; and lines of credit, real estate financing, cash management, and payments platforms.  Their commercial needs for the organizations they own, manage, or support are no less broad.

Sure, individuals can choose to serve as their own “general contractor,” piecing together ala carte financial products and services purchased on the open market.  But their financial house is likely to suffer from a few design flaws and incompatible systems.

Smart, talented, creative, regulated, and licensed professionals working in collaboration can give our clients the financial home that will endure and evolve as their life needs change.

Customers Bank appreciates the contributions of financial advisors and insurance brokers in the service of our clients.  We do not provide those services.  And we very much appreciate the many, many banking clients we onboard after the recommendation of trusted advisors from the securities and insurance industries.

The differences among our products and services are less interesting and less important than the similarities in our approach to serving clients.  Products and services are a matter of bringing the right tool to do the job.  But the approach matters.

The agent, the banker, the financial advisor working for the client, you see, must take a personal touch.  We have to focus on the specifics of the client, their family, their business, and their place in the community.  At Customers Bank, we call it “high touch.”  Supporting our mutual work on behalf of the client is “high tech” – the best global intelligence, the best platforms, the most secure systems, the highest degree of confidentiality, and the strongest protection against fraud and misuse. 

Our industries combine to provide the full breadth of products and services that meet specific needs with predictable outcomes; products and services tailored by seasoned professionals. 

Wrapping this all is trust and transparency.  If our processes and results are not fully transparent to our clients, we cannot earn their trust.  And without their trust, we have no ability to serve.  Let’s partner today. 

Customers Bank is an Educational Partner to NAIFA as well as a supporter of NAIFA's Business Performance Center.  For members, you can learn more about Customers Bank and how to partner within the Member Portal.  




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