Life Happens, a NAIFA partner, is working on the third-generation platform of its highly popular Pro V platform — a marketing-automation tool used by hundreds of NAIFA members to easily and professionally market their products and services. The new platform is scheduled for release this summer.

We recently caught up with Nate McGrath, AVP of Strategy & Product, to learn more about the upcoming platform and what could possibly be improved in the muchloved marketing automation tool called Life Happens Pro.

The current Life Happens Pro is designed to make it easy to undertake marketing for single shingle, small firm and multi-state insurance and financial services firms. The platform provides prewritten print materials such as flyers, as well as digital assets such as social media graphics, emails and more, to allow agents and advisors to easily deploy them for client prospecting and retention.

The platform makes it easy for agents and advisors to have a professional digital and physical footprint while spending little or no time undertaking marketing campaigns.

"The big improvement in the Life Happens Pro V3 is that compliance is built in," McGrath explained. "One of our previous challenges was that our agents/advisors wanted to use our materials, but were prevented from doing so because they were not compliant approved. The third generation of the platform changes all of that, and we can now better serve the vast majority of insurance agents and advisors."

While Life Happens has been busily building the third generation, they went into triple gear when COVID-19 hit. "We understood that now is a critical time for agents and advisors as more consumers are home and social media usage has seen triple digit increases," McGrath stated. "Now more than ever, agents/advisors need to have an online presence to attract new business and better serve existing clientele."

Life Happens responded to COVID-19 by creating a Virtual Tool kit ( that includes best practices for working remotely, webinars, and tips and techniques for successful digital marketing. You can sign up to receive updates and if you’re new to digital marketing, there are many "getting started" and "101 guides" to help you.

Life Happens has extended its typical free two-week trial of the platform to a month for new users. Now, new users can use the platform for a total of six weeks for free.

Additionally, while NAIFA members have always received a discount, Life Happens has increased the discount to 20% for NAIFA members. To receive the discount code, log into the NAIFA members’ only website and access the Life Happens page under the Members>Differentiate navigation item, or call our member services team.


We thank Life Happens for the work that they do and are proud to partner with the organization in our new joint effort called the Financial Security Alliance (

We are working together to increase financial literacy for consumers and to attract more people to the financial services industry.

Please show your support by signing up for Life Happens Pro and supporting the industry. All proceeds from the platform are funneled directly back into the Life Happens non-profit organization and help to create more awareness of the importance of insurance products to unprotected consumers.

NAIFA and Life Happens will hold a series of "how-to social media webinars" for members who are new to digital marketing.

We’re always here to provide more support to our members; so, please let us know how we can better serve you by sending suggestions to

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Suzanne Carawan is NAIFA’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications. You can reach her at .