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Doing Business in the "New Normal"

By Ayo Mseka on 4/27/20 1:53 PM

Disrupted by the global impact of COVID-19, many agents and advisors have modified their thought processes, operations and business practices in their search for success in today’s re-imagined business environment. As a result of COVID-19, quite a few advisors are:

* Realizing the need to be nimble. This is a world in which the ability to be agile and nimble is a prerequisite for meeting and addressing the daily changes that seem to appear out of nowhere.

*Relying more heavily on digital solutions to prospect for  new clients, build client acquisition strategies and efficiently provide products and services. The advisors who have managed to stay at the top of their game realize that moves to adopt digital technologies often correlate with value creation for their organizations.

*Paying more attention to providing more ongoing communications with clients and centers of influence.  Quite a few of these advisors are turning to automated text and social media campaigns, phone calls, email messages and on-line meetings to make up for the restraints caused by social distancing.

*Scrutinizing more closely their business-continuity and succession-planning efforts.  High-performing advisors are paying more attention to these critical areas because they know that their organizations must now be prepared for worst-case scenarios in which some of their employees may not be available because of a quarantine, an illness or worse.

* Learning how to maintain high levels of productivity for employees who are still working remotely, while keeping them inspired, involved and engaged.

As you use these tips and techniques to create value for your organization, try to keep the following in mind:

*Nothing is as constant as change, and those who adapt quickly to change usually come out ahead, no matter what life throws at them.

*In this crisis, even as we adapt and change, we realize that  there is no playbook to teach us or experts to follow. As a result, we need to empower employees to try new things and learn along the way.

*The power of resilience should not be underestimated. It allows us to weather a storm, bounce back quickly and re-focus our energies on unearthing opportunities that may be hiding in plain sight.




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