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April Is National Financial Literacy Month

Bregman Financial & Insurance Services was founded in 1969 by Dutch immigrant, Peter Bregman, father of current CEO Marc Bregman, LUTCF, loyal NAIFA member since 1997. Peter’s sister was widowed at a young age, which instilled in him a passion for ensuring that all his family members were protected by life insurance. He started in the industry as an agent with Metropolitan Life. During his first year in the business, he set a goal to hand out 30 business cards a day saying “I’m Peter Bregman, and I work for Metropolitan Life. If you need life insurance, call me. Here’s my card.” Peter made MDRT his first year in the business and every year until his retirement 40 years later. Peter’s first employee, Esther Crest retired in 2022 at the age of 97.

A Family Affair

Marc joined his father’s agency in 1997 and became a NAIFA member the first month he was licensed. The firm still follows the principles set in place by Peter, to help their clients achieve their goals and to put their best interests first. Marc’s son, Cameron Bregman, loyal member since 2021, joined the firm making this a three-generation agency. Cameron was able to meet with his legislators on Capitol Hill during the 2021 National Leadership Conference and the 2022 Congressional Conference. According to Marc, walking through the House and Senate and meeting with legislators somehow made that attainable for him. He was hit with the political bug. Cameron ran for City Council in Lodi, CA, and won in November 2022. At 21 years old, he became the youngest person to serve on a city council in the state of California.

NAIFA’s Advocacy Efforts

Advocacy and being able to be a part of the political process are key factors in Marc’s involvement with NAIFA. He has been in leadership positions at the local and state level since he became a NAIFA member and is a regular participant in Congressional Conference and California Legislative events. When going to meet with a legislator, Marc knows that we may not always be able to change their minds on a particular topic, but what we can do is try to get them to see things from another viewpoint maybe even impacting their opinions. “That is something very powerful that NAIFA members can do. We can educate our lawmakers and have a positive impact on legislation through education.”

When asked how NAIFA has contributed to his success, Marc said, “I’m in it for the legislative advocacy. But I’d be lying if I told you that my business hasn’t grown because of NAIFA.” He attributes that membership in NAIFA has given him some of his best industry connections and ideas he’s been able to successfully implement into his business.

These connections and business ideas on top of political advocacy are all reasons why Bregman Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. became a NAIFA 100% Agency. Marc states, “I want my producers to join NAIFA to get to the meetings and drink the kool-aid, to have [NAIFA] impact them and their business…I want my staff members to see what [NAIFA is] doing on the legislative front and how that impacts their jobs. [Being part of 100% Agency] also helps everyone get engaged and this is a very unique opportunity provided to them.”

We are excited to welcome Bregman Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. as a NAIFA 100% Agency and look forward to working with their team to serve #MainStreetUSA.



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