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Lifetime Financial Group Owner Jay Meneely has been a loyal NAIFA member since 1983. Now, his whole team benefits from NAIFA membership. 

Education First

Lifetime was founded on giving financial education workshops. As Meneely says, “We're an educational firm that specializes in the delivery of financial products.” Meneely and his team work with employers to educate employees about their group benefits.

They ask employees which topics they want to learn more about and organize events to answer their questions. These aren’t seminars, Meneely notes. They’re not trying to sell anything. The workshops are designed to help employees understand their options and how they fit into a larger financial plan.

A Diverse Team

Comprised of professionals with a diverse range of specialties, Lifetime takes a holistic approach to financial planning. Every client becomes a firm client, Meneely says, which simplifies the planning process for clients and advisors alike. Meneely talks about developing his team, saying, “It's just been fascinating,” he begins. “With such diverse backgrounds, it gives us more that we can do internally for our clients.”

A NAIFA 100% Agency

Being part of a NAIFA 100% Agency, the team members at Lifetime get all the benefits of NAIFA membership. They can attend NAIFA meetings and participate in the many continuing education (CE) courses NAIFA offers. Of the CE courses, Meneely says, “Every one of them is an educational piece. It helps them put one more arrow in their quiver.” 

Meneely sees his job as helping his team develop a system within the firm’s framework that utilizes the talents of each member, adding, “I think NAIFA helps them tremendously with that.” Meneely also notes that the group billing at a fixed rate makes being a NAIFA 100% Agency a financially advantageous decision for Lifetime.

More From Lifetime Leadership

To hear more from Jay Meneely, check out his podcast “Wine with Terri and Jay.” Co-hosted by Meneely and Teresa K. McAllister, LUTCF, CHFC, the podcast couples wine tasting with industry experts discussing a different topic on each episode. In the first episode, attorney and elder law expert Anne K. Burnett shares insights on protecting assets with estate planning.

We're #NAIFAproud to welcome Lifetime Financial Group as a NAIFA 100% Agency and look forward to working with the team to protect Main Street USA.



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