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NAIFA Members Provide Financial Security for All

Glenn Crawford is a Financial Services Representative for Signature Resources in Pasadena, CA, and a loyal NAIFA member since 2015.

Crawford is a man who lives with intention and believes in being "a participant in life, not a spectator,” as evidenced by the fact that he is President-Elect NAIFA-Los Angeles. He is a lifelong learner who is passionate about impacting and empowering others.

Contrary to many, Crawford’s career in the financial services industry began 8 years ago at what he calls “the young age of 57.” Formerly involved in the technical staffing industry, he served as the Executive Vice President of a $65 million corporation. After many years of success, “The Great Recession and a confluence of a few other things caused the company to experience a rapid decline.” During a challenging season in his technical staffing career, friend Eszylfie Taylor, one of the top advisors in the industry recruited Crawford. He informed him that he was opening his own financial practice and said, “This will be a business where you can have a meaningful impact on other people’s lives.”

Intrigued at the thought of a fresh start, Crawford entered the financial services industry under Taylor’s guidance. Though he was treading new territory, Crawford stayed focused and worked diligently to expand his industry knowledge to mentor and impact others effectively. During this transition, he was able to apply a methodology he learned during his college football career at Arizona State University. Frank Kush, a 1995 College Football Hall of Fame inductee, taught Crawford and his teammates about the power of visualization, actualization, and affirmation. This principle empowered Crawford throughout many seasons of his life, and it continues to be valuable to his career today.

Upon recommendation from Taylor and understanding the value of a professional association, Crawford decided to become involved with NAIFA. He said, “Recognizing the work that NAIFA does on an advocacy level and having done it before in another industry, I knew the benefits of an association. Like many things, you get out of it what you put into it. So, looking at the advocacy piece alone, I knew it was important because both myself and my clients benefit from the work that NAIFA does in representing our industry.”

IMG_2254 (1)Since joining NAIFA, Crawford has had the opportunity to serve as an advocate for the industry. Pictured to the left, you’ll find Crawford alongside NAIFA’s own Michael Mares and Senator Steven Bradford, California District 35.

Undoubtedly, Crawford recognizes the importance of a professional association, which is why he recently invited NAIFA Trustee Dennis Cuccinelli to speak to his agency about the benefits of NAIFA.

Thank you, Glenn, for impacting others’ lives through financial planning and advisement, and your commitment to the growth of NAIFA. We are grateful for your leadership and service.

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