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NAIFA Members Provide Financial Security

Frank Seneco has been a member of NAIFA since 1990 and today works with affluent clients addressing a variety of financial concerns from creating family dynasties to eliminating taxes on their investment portfolios. His office is based in Connecticut; however, he assists clients from around the world, helping them reach their financial goals.

Seneco joined this field in his earlier years in order to help his family. He was introduced to this business by a family member who had previously worked in the Met Life System and that started his journey into working in the life insurance field. Being entrepreneurial is often essential for success in the industry and that was a big attraction to Frank. Another big part of the attraction of the life insurance industry for Frank is working with accomplished individuals and successful families. Being able to provide exceptional value and being compensated for doing so are serious motivators.

Seneco also believes that for people with an entrepreneurial orientation who sincerely wants to make a meaningful difference in someone’s life, the life insurance industry is a great choice. If you work in this field in a way that is respectful, with the client’s prosperity in mind, you will do well. He believes that sales reps that go out to just make a quick buck off of a sale will not succeed as well as a life insurance specialist who goes above and beyond for their clients in the long run.

Seneco also believes that life insurance specialists that are truly committed to the well-being and future of their clients should join NAIFA. He sees a key value of NAIFA as helping his business and career by providing a group that works towards the betterment of the industry, providing education and training to show how to add value to clients that concurrently results in more professional success. He states that NAIFA should be the base organization to join as it is ridiculously inexpensive, especially considering how much value it provides. While there are other associations to consider, NAIFA should be considered foundational.

Outside of work, Seneco loves to spend time with his family. More to the point, his family is the reason he got into the business and it’s the reason along with his concern for his clients that he continues to work as hard as he does. Outside of his dedication to his family and clients, Frank enjoys watching professional sports.

Seneco participates in NAIFA’s political advocacy through the former AALU. He provides financial support and also reaches out to lawmakers and other members of legislation as needed. Seneco believes that being involved is very important to make sure that the clients get the most value from their advanced planning and life insurance solutions. He believes that everyone wins when lawmakers understand the benefits of life insurance to all types of families and that these benefits can be mitigated by ill-conceived taxes. By helping in supporting the advocacy work, he believes that other members can help prevent families across the entire wealth spectrum from being hurt.

Thank you, Frank, for your loyal service to our industry and association. We’re proud to call you one of our own.



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