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I Love NAIFA Month Hero


February Is I Love NAIFA Month

Loyal member Robin Landers, CLU®, has been a member of NAIFA since 1984 and is based in Florida. She grew up in the business—her parents owned a brokerage agency—and vowed to never work in the insurance field. With a degree in advertising, and some challenging circumstances, she ultimately ended up joining her family in their insurance business. After working with her family for a few years, she received an offer to double her salary and returned to the TPA that had employed her as a sixteen-year-old file clerk. Years later, when her parents were ready to retire, she and a partner opened Landers-Stein & Associates, the next generation of that original agency’s legacy.

According to Landers, the thing that keeps her motivated is the first-hand knowledge that she is helping people with the services she provides. As a widow at age 44, she knows that because of the work we do together, families will be able to keep their kids in college, keep their houses, and keep their businesses afloat. She emphasizes the key qualities of a good agent, explaining that they need to be both compassionate and thick-skinned because they will hear “no” on a regular basis. She believes that approaching this type of job with a servant’s heart, in the sense of being there to help and educate, will always serve an agent well.

At Landers-Stein, she helps other agents help their clients, assisting as a sort of intermediary for the process. Landers’ brokerage service helps present the best product for the client and serves as the agent’s back-office, shepherding cases through the underwriting process. While not working, she spends time with her family, including eight grandchildren, and her friends, helping her recharge her batteries.

Landers is not only successful with her business but has a history of participation in NAIFA. She is a Past President of NAIFA Miami-Dade, as well as in NAIFA’s political advocacy work. She has been a donor and has attended NAIFA-FL's Day on the Hill event, meeting with legislators. She emphasizes that members should consider becoming active, given the level of importance it will have on all our careers, and if you don’t have the ability to meet with lawmakers, any donation helps tremendously.

Landers also works with other industry charitable organizations. She is the Immediate Past President of the NAILBA Charitable Foundation, which raises money for different organizations within their members' communities that need help in some measure. For example, helping kids who have cancer go to camp, helping families of the disabled keep their lights on, or helping women who have been abused get back on their feet. “It’s an extension of the work we get paid for; helping others when they need it most.”

For his service to her community and our industry and association, we’re #NAIFAproud to have Robin Landers as a part of our NAIFA family.



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