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May Is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

The Trifecta teams of Membership, IFAPAC, and Grassroots have identified their Q1 2024 Hard Hat Winners. Congratulations to Lee Owen and Rith Nou dual recipients for Membership, Mark Miller for Grassroots, and Tom Henry for IFAPAC. These leaders have gone above and beyond in the first three months of this year to move the needle in their respective areas. We are #NAIFAproud of the work they do every day in their communities, for their clients, and our association!

Rith Nou-Hard HatRith Nou, loyal member since 2017, has been holding agency presentations to invite her fellow New York Life agents to belong to NAIFA. As a member of the NAIFA-Massachusetts board, she has taken part in many of their membership drives held this year. Rith is a proud member of NAIFA's Triangle Team.

Lee Owen-Hard HatLee Owen, loyal member since 2012, has been very active in referring members to NAIFA in Q1. In fact, he won the February contest for the most membership referrals bringing in 4 new members! Lee has held numerous roles in the state of Mississippi, including being president in 2020 and 2021. He not only has a passion for membership but also for advocacy...he's been to at least the last five Congressional Conferences!

Mark Miller  -  Facebook (834x463 px)Mark Miller, loyal member since 1991, advocated on behalf of NAIFA-Tennessee in opposing HB 2148 and SB 2908, which would authorize a funeral director or funeral establishment providing funeral services for a deceased person insured or believed to be insured under a contract of life insurance to request certain information, including beneficiary information, about the life insurance contract. Mark, along with other NAIFA-Tennessee members met with various lawmakers on both sides of the chamber to voice their concerns of the bill should it move forward. Mark made a last-minute, 3-hour trip from Memphis to Nashville to meet up with John D. Richardson to attend the hearings. During the respective House and Senate committee hearings where both bills were slated to be considered, the sponsors both withdrew the bills, thus effectively killing this set of bills. Mark was instrumental in mobilizing a response to the bills and consistently demonstrates a passion for all things advocacy.

Thomas Henry -  Facebook (834x463 px)Tom Henry, loyal member since 1996, raised more funds than any other Florida IFAPAC Chair during their state legislative day. Tom worked hard to ensure a successful IFAPAC fundraiser at Florida’s State Legislative Day in February. During the February event, Tom raised $12,000 in 24 hours.  Florida has worked hard to establish a culture of IFAPAC support at its meetings and Tom is helping to take that culture and grow it.  He has served on the NAIFA-Central Florida board since 2013, including serving as president in 2016. Tom moved to the state leadership in 2023 as IFAPAC Chair.




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