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NAIFA Members Provide Financial Independence

NAIFA is proud to announce that Advisorist has joined NAIFA in supporting the Talent Development Center to raise awareness of their respective brands and promote membership and participation in their respective organizations.

Led by CEO Jeremiah Desmarais, Advisorist is a group dedicated to helping insurance and financial advisors generate qualified leads and appointments to help their businesses grow. Under the partnership, Advisorist will feature six NAIFA members in their live weekly Virtual Advisor Power Hour (VAPH) workshops in 2023. NAIFA will promote the VAPH and Advisorist through social media and marketing efforts. 

Taking place every Wednesday at 12 pm eastern, the Virtual Advisor Power Hour is a free weekly masterclass dedicated to helping industry-leading insurance and financial advisors grow their practices with modern sales and marketing tips, systems, and processes. Advisors can register for the VAPH on the Advisorist website.

The first NAIFA member to be featured in the VAPH will be CEO of InsurTech Express and loyal NAIFA member since 2010 Ken Leibow on Wednesday, March 8.

NAIFA Trustee & Board Liaison to the NAIFA Centers of Excellence, a loyal member since 2008, Danny O'Connell, LACP, will be featured on Wednesday, March 22.

NAIFA-National President and loyal member since 1987 Bryon Holz, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, CASL, LACP, will join the VAPH on Wednesday, April 5.

John D. Richardson, RICP, LACP, loyal NAIFA member since 2003, will be featured on the VAPH taking place on Wednesday, April 26.

On May 24, Kathleen Owings, loyal NAIFA member since 2011, will be featured on the VAPH.

Advisorist will also host the largest financial advisor virtual summit on Thursday, March 30, at 9 am eastern. Featuring top industry talents from NAIFA, such as Christopher Gandy, LACP, Tom Hegna, CLU, ChFC, CASL, LACP, and Brock Jolly, CFP, CLU, LACP, ChFC, CLTC, CASL, RICP, this free event will share the latest ideas, trends, and methods to get ahead in the industry.



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