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April Is National Financial Literacy Month

The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) and Carefull have completed an educational partnership agreement to advance thought leadership and consumer education and promote professional cooperation between the two organizations. Under the partnership, Carefull will provide preferred access to the Carefull monitoring technology for NAIFA members, content for NAIFA blog posts and social media platforms, as well as articles around protecting and managing older adult's finances for NAIFA’s Advisor Today

“NAIFA is excited to partner with Carefull and provide our members access to another great resource,” stated Carroll Golden, Executive Director of NAIFA’s Limited and Extended Care Planning Center (LECP). “NAIFA is always working to provide members with new ways to offer great service to clients and build more modern and lucrative practices. Carefull provides an additional opportunity to reach out to prospective and current clients and introduce an innovative service to your practice.”

Carefull will provide information and materials valuable to insurance and financial professionals via blog posts to NAIFA’s LECP Center and a dedicated webpage within NAIFA’s Membership website portal and thought leaders will be listed as Subject Matter Experts with the LECP Center. Carefull will also provide consumer-focused financial caregiving content for NAIFA’s consumer site FinancialSecurity.org

“With 24 trillion of wealth transfer now underway between generations, we view our partnership with NAIFA as a powerful extension of our mission to help advisors better serve their older clients and engage the families who support them,” stated Carefull co-founder Todd Rovak. “In NAIFA we see an active and entrepreneurial membership who are eager for tools and technology to address this massive demographic shift, and we are thrilled to offer them this new toolkit.”

During the 2021 LECP Impact Week, November 1st – 5th, Carefull will present a session on how to use technology for new client prospecting and expanding your overall outreach.



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