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April Is National Financial Literacy Month

NAIFA and Women in Insurance & Financial Services (WIFS) have agreed to continue to work closely together and support their mutual goals in the areas of professional development; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and political advocacy. The two associations have signed an expanded partnership agreement. Under the agreement, NAIFA and WIFS share resources and NAIFA represents WIFS’s political advocacy interests.

NAIFA and WIFS are professional associations of insurance and financial professionals serving the interests of their members and their members’ clients. Their members are agents and advisors who largely serve Main Street businesses and families. Many women financial professionals in the United States are loyal members of both WIFS and NAIFA.

“The insurance and financial services industry is stronger because of WIFS, and when NAIFA and WIFS work together all of our members, their colleagues, and their clients benefit,” said NAIFA President Bryon Holz, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, CASL, LACP. “Women advisors have a powerful advocacy voice that resonates with lawmakers on Capitol Hill and in statehouses around the country. Our partnership with WIFS helps ensure that women in our profession have greater opportunities to advocate for themselves and their clients and can see the great work that both NAIFA and WIFS are doing on their behalf.”

“WIFS's mission to attract, develop, and advance women in insurance and financial services supports the importance of consumers having diverse professionals to work with for their individual, family, and business needs. Women have unique lifestyles and financial needs and often prefer working with financial professionals who have shared experiences,” said WIFS President Toni Gonzales, MBA, LACP. “We believe the ability to work closely with someone with shared experiences also carries over into our conversations with lawmakers and are excited about our partnership with NAIFA and the joint ‘Women’s Fly-In’ with NAIFA and WIFS in March as a way to amplify the voices of women in our profession and the needs of the clients we represent.”

Professional Development and DEI

NAIFA and WIFS will continue to cross-promote their national events and offer partner-member rates to attendees. They will explore opportunities for NAIFA thought leaders to present at WIFS events and WIFS thought leaders to do the same at NAIFA events. Each association will offer the other reciprocal exhibit space at national conferences and list the other as an event sponsor. WIFS will participate in NAIFA’s annual Diversity Symposium.

Advocacy Representation

WIFS has selected NAIFA to be its advocacy representative on Capitol Hill and with state capitals around the country. The partnership will ensure that lawmakers understand the issues facing insurance and financial professionals and their clients and make knowledgeable policy decisions about the industry. Under the partnership, WIFS will promote NAIFA’s Congressional Conference signature advocacy event, May 22-23 in Washington, D.C., and encourage WIFS members to attend. NAIFA provides WIFS with advocacy-related content that WIFS may share with its members and use in its magazine, newsletters, and blogs.

When the partners’ interests overlap, NAIFA will partner with WIFS on advocacy-related industry coalitions and task forces and in meetings and communications with federal and state lawmakers and regulators. WIFS members will also be encouraged to respond to NAIFA grassroots action alerts and attend NAIFA state legislative days. Members of NAIFA’s government relations team will be able to provide advocacy updates at WIFS events, customized government relations webinars, and advocacy training.

NAIFA and WIFS have collaborated on professional development and advocacy for many years, and the current agreement renews and reinforces their partnership. It further establishes NAIFA as an advocacy representative with lawmakers and regulators. Working together, WIFS and NAIFA strengthen the insurance and financial services industry, promote the financial health of Main Street USA, and foster the success of professionals who strive to provide financial security and prosperity for all Americans.



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