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NAIFA Members Provide Financial Independence

NAIFA is proud to announce the launch of the new digital edition of the Journal of Financial Service Professionals (JFSP) that offers a range of innovative features designed to enhance the reader experience. This exciting development not only makes the JFSP more accessible and interactive to NAIFA members but also supports sustainability efforts by reducing NAIFA’s carbon footprint.

“NAIFA is thrilled to integrate the new digital edition of the Journal of Financial Service Professionals into our suite of member benefits to further enhance our professional development offerings,” said NAIFA CEO Kevin Mayeux, CAE. “The Journal is renowned for its high-quality content and innovative features. It now serves as a premier resource for all members with cutting-edge insights and knowledge that are critical to the success of financial service professionals.”

Enhanced features include:

Flexibility: Read wherever and whenever you like, with faster and easier navigation through over 10 years of the Journal’s high-impact content.

Interactivity: With article narration, readers can listen to Journal articles just like a podcast, making it easier to understand complex concepts. Look forward to more interactive features in future issues.

Customization: Enjoy the Journal in “replica view” for a traditional book-like appearance or "content view” for a responsive design that ensures a consistent look across all devices. Adjust font sizes and add personal notations with ease.

Highlights in the July 2024 edition:

Roth Accounts Demystified: The lead article tackles the complexities of nonqualified Roth IRA issues and employer Roth distributions, providing clarity and a comprehensive review. Advisors who master these details can increase their AUM while better serving their clients.

Roth Tax Advantages: Another article examines how Roth distributions are used to minimize taxes on Social Security benefits and Medicare premiums. It also explores the potential risks of Congress limiting these advantages in the future without directly taxing Roth distributions.

Serving Clients with ADHD: This insightful piece highlights the benefits financial professionals can gain by connecting with underserved populations, such as clients with ADHD. It details two proven techniques that can lead to significant improvements in these clients' financial well-being.

Building Client Confidence: A thought-provoking column discusses the importance of helping clients navigate financial risk and growth opportunities. It emphasizes the advisor's role in moving clients from fear to confidence through education and professionalism, guiding them to find answers to challenging financial questions.

Also in the July issue:

  • The four key tax credits that will benefit small-business employers starting and funding a new 401(k) plan
  • The eight things to know about municipal bonds. Learn more why these fixed-income securities should be an important component of a diversified portfolio
  • An exploration of some of the complexities of premium-financed indexed universal life insurance, and tips on advising clients on potential opportunities versus risk

NAIFA members can access the latest digital issue of the JFSP – as well as issues dating back to 2014 – on the new JFSP website. Be sure to use the brief tutorial to discover all the new options available.

For assistance, contact info@naifa.org or call 877-866-2432.

Interested in an annual print subscription? Contact info@naifa.org or call 877-866-2432 to learn about the special member rate.



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