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April Is National Financial Literacy Month

Grace Staten, recently named the Women in Financial Services (WIFS) 2020 Woman of the Year, is the Vice President of Marketing for Coastal Wealth, and a loyal NAIFA member since 2013.

Staten says, “I was first introduced to the financial services business as an undergraduate by a volunteer at my college. She was a part-time career counselor who worked professionally as a financial advisor. Knowing that I wanted to major in business, she steered me toward finance and allowed me to be an assistant in her financial services office.”

Staten was attracted to the industry because “I knew that a career in financial services would challenge me, take me out of my comfort zone and bring opportunities for growth. I quickly learned that the fast pace and technological advances in the financial services industry is like no other. What interested me the most is that a career in the financial services sector career provides meaningful work by helping people reach their financial goals.”  

After joining the industry, Staten quickly learned about NAIFA from her colleagues. She says, “Most of the financial professionals I worked with were already members.  My firm regularly carpooled to the lunch meetings, and I learned right away that NAIFA could help me advance in my career by providing continuing education and networking. NAIFA’s advocacy and protection of its members and clients are a large reason why I stay committed as a member.”

When asked what she enjoys most about her career in the industry, she says, “I enjoy providing guidance to financial professionals so they may help their clients prepare for retirement and have the financial security to leave for future generations. I relish building long-term relationships with those I work with and the firm I support.  My career has allowed me to spearhead many different endeavors including giving back to the communities that I work and live in. “

In Staten’s current role as Vice President of Marketing, she “holds the security licenses needed to be a financial professional to better understand the business. I head up my firm’s marketing team and work toward objectives such as revenue generation, market research, brand management, and marketing communications.”

When asked what advice has most influenced her career since entering the industry, Staten says, “I have been given several key pieces of advice over the years. They can apply to both financial services and life. One is ‘Listen first, speak last’ which is applicable when speaking with prospects and clients.  Another is ‘Surround yourself with people smarter than you.  It is the best way to learn.’  This, along with partnering with mentors, has helped me grow, learn from others, and develop strong leadership skills.”

Staten continues to recommend NAIFA to her colleagues and coworkers. She says, “I believe NAIFA plays a critical role in our industry and is the largest advocate for our profession. NAIFA provides educational resources and enhances business and professional skills while creating a community that gives back. Our generation has a responsibility for making the future better for the next and I believe NAIFA’s advocacy does just that.”

Congratulations, Grace on your recent WIFS recognition! We are grateful for your continued commitment to the financial services industry; we are #NAIFAproud to call you one of our own.



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