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April Is National Financial Literacy Month

Our partner at Asset+Map is holding an event this week that they're allowing all of our NAIFA members to attend! The innovative fintech event brings together thought leaders to provide product unveils and insights into how companies are innovating in the financial services space. Everyone is invited to attend and learn how agents and advisors are integrating in technology to up their client game and get to the "yes" faster. Tools such as Asset+Map allow advisors to quickly create customized visual diagrams of where the clients' assets are so that comprehensive financial planning can take place more quickly and easily. Being able to show a client's assets in pictorial form allows individuals to feel more confident and make elusive concepts such as "life insurance" or "home equity" money feel more tangible, more "real", and therefore, more in the clients' control to affect. We're proud to partner with Asset+Map and even more excited about that Asset+Map and Carroll Golden, Executive Director, of the Centers of Excellence and author of How Not to Pull Your Family Apart and How Not to Tear Your Family Apart are working together on a new stencil that will be available in the Asset+Map platform to allow advisors to better discuss long-term care and dignified living needs.


When: November 2nd and 3rd 
Time: 12:30 - 5:00 pm eastern
Check out the agenda and note that all registrants receive the recordings post-event so you can still register even after the event. 




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