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April Is National Financial Literacy Month

Thomas Yannetti is a Financial Services Professional at thinkWealth, LLC, and a new NAIFA member.

A 2020 graduate of Ramapo College in New Jersey, Yannetti earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Accounting. When Thomas received the discouraging news that classes were transitioning online due to COVID-19, Yannetti saw this minor setback as an opportunity. While finishing up his coursework online, Thomas decided to transition from part-time to full-time to jumpstart his career in financial services.

Thomas had specific goals in mind upon entering college and was quick to seek foundational opportunities that would help him launch his career. While in school, he attended a career fair and discovered a MassMutual Firm—Lee, Nolan, & Koroghlian, LLC. He said, “I connected with the recruiter and she invited me in for an interview.” During the interview, “Paul Bacchioni, Managing Director at the company and one of the chairmen of NAIFA’s Young Advisors Team (YAT), came in and introduced himself. After discussing my resume with me and sharing information regarding the internship position, we began chatting. It turned out that his son, like me, had grown up wrestling. We knew so many of the same people; it just seemed to fit. Right there on the spot, Paul offered me the position and I accepted it.”

Yannetti was attracted to this business for several reasons. He said, “The idea that I would be able to connect with people and make an impact on their lives appealed to me. On top of that, I get to create my own business; I know the amount of effort I put in is what I will get out.”

Paul Bacchioni first introduced Thomas to NAIFA. Yannetti said, “He spoke very highly of the association and invited the [NAIFA] New Jersey President, Corrado Gugliotta, to speak to our team about the benefits of joining.” As a member, Thomas says, “I am blown away by all of the resources available at my fingertips. One night I was exploring the member website and discovered incredible educational pieces. Sometimes when people talk about how great something is before you’ve tried it for yourself, you wonder, ‘is it really?’ and I can honestly say that has been my experience with NAIFA.”

When asked what he enjoys most about his career in the financial services industry, Yannetti says, “It really comes down to learning. I have always been the type of student who is eager to learn. After my internship ended, I stayed with the firm while finishing my degree. I would ask senior advisors questions including what their clients were asking them. Then, I would take a couple of ideas and reference them in my own client meetings. There are always adjustments, as no one meeting is the same, but that’s the joy of the job—learning new strategies and tailoring plans to meet each client’s goals and needs specifically.”

The two critical pieces of advice that have helped shape Thomas’ outlook since entering the industry are:

1. Control the controllable.

“You can only control the activities of the business—making phone calls, scheduling meetings. You can’t control if someone takes your advice, whether the client gets approved, or even shows up to a meeting.”

2. Become an expert as much as you can.

“Knowledge is a powerful tool, and I always seek to expand my own knowledge. Each week, I aim to lay out a learning plan, and I try to break down a bigger topic into smaller sub-topics to master. Focusing on one aspect at a time helps build my confidence.”

Unquestionably, Yannetti is a determined and focused individual. Combined with his work ethic and team spirit, these attributes have awarded him new opportunities, including his invitation to join an elite team, thinkWealth LLC, as their junior. Paul Bacchioni worked alongside Sergio Pessoa and Michael Pine, both former Senior Vice Presidents of Lee, Nolan & Koroghlian, LLC and co-creators of thinkWealth LLC, and connected Yannetti with the company.

According to Yannetti, “My team has truly taken me under their wing. They’ve exposed me to years of experience, and much of my development is a direct result of their investment in me. I would encourage anyone entering the business to speak to lead advisors. They have a wealth of knowledge that can influence you personally and professionally for years to come.”

Welcome to NAIFA, Thomas! We cannot wait to see all that your future holds.

Thomas Yannetti is a registered representative of and offers securities through MML Investors Services, LLC. Member SIPC. (Supervisory office 250 Pehle Ave, Ste 405, Saddle Brook NJ 07663, 973-237-0100) thinkWealth is not a subsidiary or affiliate of MML Investors Services, LLC.



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