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NAIFA's 100% Agency Program Is One Year Old

By NAIFA on 1/20/22 8:41 AM

In January 2021, The Fortis Agency, headquartered in Holmdel, NJ, became the initial participant in NAIFA's 100% Agency program. All of the Fortis Agency's advisors became NAIFA members and received a special orientation on how they could get the most out of their memberships and maximize their participation in NAIFA. 

“The Fortis Agency appreciates all of the great work that NAIFA does to promote our industry and the success of insurance and financial professionals and we want to actively do our part,” Fortis Agency Partner Christine Cox-West said at the time. “We believe every advisor at The Fortis Agency should be an engaged NAIFA member, which is why we’ve committed to being a NAIFA 100% Agency. This is an exciting initiative that The Fortis Agency founders have undertaken on behalf of our advisors to help them excel and further differentiate themselves in the market.”

In the first year, 11 practices have signed on to the 100% Agency program. They receive special recognition for their involvement in NAIFA. The 100% Agency members receive an advocacy briefing and are encouraged to participate in state and national advocacy activities, including state Legislative Days and NAIFA's annual Congressional Conference.  They help NAIFA increase its advocacy influence on both the state and national levels.

"An agency manager or owner who commits to the 100% Agency program sets the bar high for producers," said NAIFA President Lawrence Holzberg, LUCTF, LACP. "It sets a standard of excellence whereby the advisors understand that participating, continuous learning, and advocating on behalf of consumers is not just good for their business, but it's the right thing to do for the industry."

NAIFA 100% Agencies

Are you interested in taking your practice's NAIFA participation to the next level? NAIFA is happy to answer any questions and guide you through the process of becoming a NAIFA 100% Agency.

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