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NAIFA Members Provide Financial Independence

NAIFA’s Advisor Today magazine has launched a new Podcast series featuring outstanding NAIFA members and partners sharing their stories and answering questions about their own professional success. Their insights will offer practical ideas and inspire agents and advisors to reach their own levels of peak performance. Industry thought leaders featured on Advisor Today podcasts have a deep understanding of the insurance and financial services industry and what it takes to thrive in the profession.

Advisor Today, NAIFA’s signature publication, is the lifestyle magazine for today’s modern advisor. The podcast series is hosted by NAIFA Trustee and Founder of Midwest Legacy Group (OneAmerica) Chris Gandy, LACP, and NAIFA Vice President of Marketing and Communications Suzanne Carawan.

The first episode in the series features Caleb Guilliams, the Founder and CEO of BetterWealth, a company that helps people gain control over their money today while maximizing their future wealth potential. Guilliams, a loyal NAIFA member since 2020, found professional success very early as the youngest person ever to run a life insurance unit at a bank. Now, he’s one of the youngest leaders in the industry and is quickly becoming “the new face of finance.” Caleb is the Author of The AND Asset, hosts the BetterWealth podcast, and is on a mission to impact as many lives as possible.

Guilliams is a featured keynote speaker at NAIFA’s Apex sales summit later this month at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix. He will also host a NAIFA Learning Lab, "How to Create a Powerful Message by Winning Stages," at Apex. The Advisor Today podcast featuring Guilliams is available on NAIFA’s Advisor Today website and on Soundcloud.

“I really enjoy sitting down and picking the brains of the most successful professionals in our industry, amazing people like Caleb Guilliams,” Gandy said. “We learn so much from exchanging ideas and sharing our experiences with other advisors who have made their mark – and continue to make their mark – on our profession. The Advisor Today podcast series offers an exciting new platform that allows NAIFA members and the entire community of financial professionals to be a part of these high-energy conversations.”

The podcasts are the most recent expansion of the Advisor Today brand that follows the introduction of Advisor Today webinars earlier this year and offers audiences more high-quality content in formats convenient to them. Advisor Today also features a blog with multiple posts each week in addition to the flagship print magazine.

“Whether you are a reader, a listener, or a watcher – or a combination of all three – Advisor Today is bringing you top-notch content to help you excel in your financial practice,” said Carawan. “We are highlighting the success of NAIFA members and sharing the techniques and practices that raise them to the top of their profession.”

The Advisor Today podcast is available or pending on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Deezer, iHeartPodcasts, and other popular podcast platforms.

Upcoming episodes will feature NAIFA President Lawrence Holzberg, LACP, LUTFC, recipients of NAIFA’s top awards, including the Young Advisor Team Leader of the Year, NAIFA Diversity Champion, and the John Newton Russell Memorial Award. Listeners may also nominate NAIFA members to be featured on future episodes of the Advisor Today podcast.



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