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June Is National Annuity Awareness Month

Brian Haney

Brian Haney is the Founder and CEO of The Haney Company, an insurance agency with a mission committed to providing high-quality financial services to its clients. Brian and his father, Allen, combined their independent practices into a full-service multi-line business that offers personalized financial advice and guidance. Brian is also NAIFA’s 2018 Diversity Champion, an author, an association expert, and a financial advisor.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Brian Haney talks about multi-association memberships and effective time management
  • NAIFA’s value as a resource for business growth
  • Brian explains the crucial role of the Leadership in Life Institute (LILI) 
  • Brian shares impactful experiences that helped shape his personal and professional growth
  • The benefits of having a mentor

In this episode…

Making financial decisions shouldn’t be a stressful event that fills you with angst. Understanding your available financial options will free you from constant uncertainty and let you plan and shape the future you want. But where should you start?

A general perception of educational financial resources can always be helpful, but understanding the value of those tools will let you control your future. Harnessing that value also includes empowering your community to continue to develop aspiring advisors. Brian Haney believes that with a caring and informative community, everyone can benefit and succeed in their professional endeavors.

In this episode of Advisor Today, Suzanne Carawan and Chris Gandy welcome Brian Haney, Founder and CEO of The Haney Company. Brian’s expertise in the financial sector sheds light on how to build meaningful community relationships for mutual value and financial success. They talk about association commitment, leveraging resources for successful and competitive business growth, understanding mentorship perspectives, and managing leadership opportunities. 

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Sponsor for this episode...

The Haney Company offers financial services advice and guidance, including strategies for aligning values and mission with investment decisions, based on decades of experience and the highest level of personal attention. These advantages provide an uncompromising dedication to our clients and the ability to find the right financial solutions for you and your goals. As specialists in insurance and retirement programs for Associations and their executives, along with privately owned businesses and families, we’ll always dig deep to find the insurance, benefits, retirement, or affinity plans that work best. We are privileged to have some of the world's best clients and they are always our focus and passion. We strive to deliver custom-tailored innovative solutions that empower our clients to financial freedom and success. ​

Though the Haney Company was founded in 2013, it represents the merger of 2 large independent financial practices that span a combined 50+ years of Financial Industry experience. Founders Brian Haney and his father Allen successfully merged their practices to create a full-service multi-line insurance brokerage & advisory business specializing in employee benefits, retirement plan consulting, life insurance, property & casualty insurance, and strategic asset & wealth management.

Episode Transcript:

Intro 0:02

Welcome to NAIFA's Advisor Today podcast series, where we focus on how financial advisors work, live and give to their local communities and our greater financial services industry. Now, let's get started with the show.

Chris Gandy 0:20

Hi, everyone, this is Chris Gandy here with the wonderful Suzanne Carawan. And we're here as a part of, of NAIFA and the host of Advisor Today podcast, where we get an opportunity to interview, get to know and have intimate conversations with some of the brightest and best in the insurance and financial services industry. I'm your host Chris Gandy loyal 23 year member of NAIFA, and our wonderful, wonderful, intelligent and marketing professional guru of NAIFA, Suzanne Carawan. Suzanne, share a little bit about our guest today, and who's sponsoring who's the sponsor for today.

Suzanne Carawan 1:07

So hello, everybody, great to see everybody again today. We're delighted today to have Brian Haney from The Haney Company. And so this episode is actually sponsored by The Haney Company, they are our newest 100% agency, which means that everybody that works at The Haney Company is a NAIFA member. And they actually they, they push that they endorse that they promote that. And so we'll get into that a little bit later, too. But I also want to introduce them the Founder of The Haney Company, Brian Haney. And Brian is the man that has more designations after his name, that literally he broke our website template, we can't fit the designations on. So he is one, he is our newest. Also, if you saw the announcement yesterday, he is up for he is our trustee nomination, one of our trustee nominations for the 2023 National Trustee Board. And Brian got to that illustrious opportunity, which hopefully we'll talk about a little bit more in this episode. But he got that for so much years of service to NAIFA, inclusive of just some of the couple of things he's he's done in NAIFA. And this is at the national level, not even to mention what he's done at the Greater Washington level. But he's been let's see, he's been national lat yet leader, the year he's the reigning yet leader, the year, as a matter of fact, he's been the diversity champion, a former diversity champion, he's won utmost number of awards, etc. And so we we want to talk about all of that today. And he's been a big driver and our young adviser what I just said yet program. So we want to talk about those things today. And so Brian, it's great to have you, thanks for joining us.

Brian Haney 2:42

Oh, it's my pleasure. I'm excited to be here and look forward to our conversation.

Chris Gandy 2:47

Brian, let's kick it off. You know, this podcast, we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna, you know, go from 10,000 feet down to about 100. So, you know, let's, let's just jump right into it. Fair.

Brian Haney 3:00

That sounds great. Perfect.

Chris Gandy 3:03

Let's, let's talk a little bit about associations. And obviously, you're you're, you're a NAIFA member. And Suzanne just mentioned that your commitment to the association and people that follow you leading by example. Can you talk about, you know, your relationship with associations? And why you what, what is it that you're doing any alignment, when you align with an association? And why? No, absolutely. And,

Brian Haney 3:32

you know, I'll, I'll take a little bit longer than you might expect to answer this because the context matters. So are our company, the Haney company, the market that is our largest niche is the association marketplace, over 85% of our business, and our clients are association. So organizations just like NAIFA. So I have this unique perspective, I think, as well as a long history of being a part of the association community. And so it's, it certainly encourages being a member and a for any kind of professional association, because you see the power of associations, we get to see it on a daily basis, working with them. It's and so the question usually is why Why join something, you know, why become a part of anything? Why why why pay a membership fee? And I think, you know, as as could not be more true for me for NAIFA it's a it's about finding your tribe. And that's certainly the the way I would describe all of the time I've spent in NAIFA. But, you know, in any profession and certainly the financial services industry, what we do can be it can be a little bit lonely, but can also be a little bit intense and competitive. And so sometimes, you know, it's hard to cut through all that and find a place where you can find fell Worship, camaraderie, friendship, support, and people that are willing to collaborate with you and help you not necessarily maybe always view you, as you know, somebody that that's competing or, you know, we're going after the same stuff. So we're not on the same side of the table and that. So, you know, that's really what the power of an association is about for us as members. But then associations themselves do so much for the fabric of America more than I think we realized. And so, you know, you if you want to be a part of something that's greater than yourself, and you want to find your tribe, and I think that that's kind of the real reasons to be a NAIFA. And to stay in NAIFA.

Suzanne Carawan 5:41

So you're like, how many associations? Are you an actual member of?

Brian Haney 5:46

I think me personally, at least a half dozen? Yeah, I think so. In counting in our collective team, there's probably a dozen.

Suzanne Carawan 5:56

So you just rattle off some of them.

Brian Haney 5:59

So as a American Society of Association Executives, where I also like having may you and many other in the association space have the designation CAE Certified Association Executive, obviously, NAIFA, we are members of the Big I, CPCU, Million Dollar Round Table. Cache, I feel like I'm missing a few NAFAA, Melba Society of financial services professionals, demonstration, I gotta go, I gotta pull

Suzanne Carawan 6:35

the what do you say to the people that say, Hey, I can only be I should only be or can be a part of one association? How are you able to handle all that

Brian Haney 6:48

requires a lot of intentionality. And I think, you know, handling anyone's time is very much a function of value of intent. And I think of the commitments that you think you want to make for yourself, as well as the commitments that you're making to the organizations you're going to be a part of. And so, you know, we firmly believe, as a practice that works with associations that, you know, we believe in the power of associations that fuels us, I think we're a bit of an outlier. So, you know, I don't I don't know that I would recommend to the average financial industry professional, that you tried to join six, seven or eight different organizations, unless, again, you had the capacity, the bandwidth, and you felt that there was mutual value that you could bring, and you can get out of those types of relationships. But I think you don't you, I absolutely would say, don't limit yourself to just one, because there are some great, there's so many great associations that serve our industry. And each has a value to you and the value that it has in the marketplace. And so the more we as professionals participate collectively, together, the better our industry gets. And that's, I think, the biggest message I hope people can take away from that is that, you know, it matters where you're a member, and it matters what you do with that membership as much as what that membership does for you.

Chris Gandy 8:13

I liked the way you put that, Brian, it's not necessarily just a membership itself, not just necessarily the relationship, but also the value you get out of it. So not just join an association to see hey, what can I get out of this, you join any associations that align with the things that you know, the things that are important to you, and why they're important? So let's talk about the the one that that brings us all together that connects us all here. NAIFA? What about, what about NAIFA? So how does NAIFA outside of this wonderful podcast and you know, being associated with? How are you leveraging and partnering with NAIFA to really build? You know, the Brian Haney tribe? Yeah,

Brian Haney 9:01

I think there are probably three main ways that that happens. And again, the theme of mutual value is threaded through all three, at least I hope it is. I definitely do feel I'll say this is the precursor, I definitely do feel NAIFA has done a lot more for me than I can ever do back NAIFA. But I will stick around as long as humanly possible to see what I can do for NAIFA. Because I just faith, you know, what, what it's done for me, it's probably not something I can really measure. But I think the first area is frankly, in relationships. You know, this is a challenging industry, not unlike a lot of others. And NAIFA, again, became a tribe to me. So I, you know, back when I first got going, building an independent financial practice, I had a sales manager that just basically said, Look, if you want to be around the best and the brightest, and learn from the best and the brightest, and see what it looks like to be As an excellent financial professional, you must join NAIFA. And so thankfully, one of the things that I am good at is following directions. So I did that. And he was right. He was 100%. Right. And, you know, I found just friends, built great relationships with professionals that were a lot further along in their journey, but willing to share, you know, a wealth of knowledge about what made them successful. And you know, also what to avoid. And just, you know, that's necessary that was necessary for me, I think the second thing is really on branding. Myself, my practice, NAIFA does so much to give us practitioners the opportunity to be celebrated to, you know, be considered for awards and just to become more visible across the landscape of society. So, you know, I've tried to take as much advantage of all of that as I can. And that's, I think, a big thing, it's hard to market yourself, and it's hard to stand out. And so why not be a part of an organization that's willing to help you do that, and wants to do that wants to promote you and wants to make sure that you're as successful as humanly possible. And then I think the last piece is, you know, my, one of my personal mantras always learn from the best until you become the best. And so you know, if you want to learn if you're thirsty, to get better, as a person, as a professional, in the financial industry, the knife is the place for that, you know, I, again, really, all of all of the types of things that NAIFA offers, I'm just constantly showing up and learning something new, every single time. And that's, you know, I've been in this industry for 18 years, and I'm still learning something new all the time. So, you know, I think those three things are been huge and Paramount, and hopefully things that all of us would want to

Chris Gandy 11:56

experience, Isn't that really cool, we get a chance to, you know, I think when we start out in the business, the idea of we learn enough to be dangerous, right? And then we start to slowly but surely understand that the opportunity for continuous learning is movement. And it's very purposeful and mindful of others, hence, why the reason were able to share this type of information in on this type of platform. So you mentioned LILI, so we're not talking about lily pads. Right? We're not talking about a young lady that named Lily. So what is a lot of the a lot of people out there are unfamiliar with LILI and what it is, and I so I want I want to take two parts of that. So the first part is, what is LILI? And then number two is, is what has it meant to you ensure that okay,

Brian Haney 12:54

yeah, walk into why they're like not what and the why? Absolutely, yes. So the what is, and I think it's sad to kind of say this, but it's probably one of the safest best kept secrets, even though we're not trying to keep it a secret. So it's, LILI stands for Leadership in Life Institute. And it's called an educational program that NAIFA offers to help all members develop themselves, personally and professionally and become better leaders. And, you know, again, we all lead in some capacity in our life, whether whether it's, it's, it's in a small way, or in a big way, or you know, we don't have to be a sales manager, we don't have to own or run an agency to, to be in a position of leadership. So, you know, aspiring to be better at taking on leadership roles, and really leadership all boils down to influence and impact anyway. So being a more impactful human being and a professional. That's kind of what the programs designed to deliver. And so that's the What the Why is, frankly, we should all aspire to be better, better professionals, better leaders. And so being able to go through a probably one of the best leadership development curriculums I can say that I have experienced what an opportunity, right what an opportunity to, you know, take yourself to the next level and you can ask any person that has graduated and done LILI, every single person says the same thing. I absolutely became a better person and a better practitioner. Period. Like with without fail, there's not I have not met a person that went through it, LILI and turned around and said, Yeah, that was okay. Every single person that I've talked to says it was well worth, the time, the energy and the resources to Do it. So, you know, please, if you're an eighth a member, and you haven't considered this for yourself, absolutely try to figure out how you can do it because it is more than rocket fuel. It is it is really, you know, life changing and, and the camaraderie you build with the classmates, the LILI classes are really great intimate classes form some great friendships. So it's just, it's an overall excellent experience. And it's pretty incredible that NAIFA has been going on for so long. And yet so many people still haven't had the opportunity to

Chris Gandy 15:38

do it. So, so so so Brian, I want to I want to do this a little bit different. You know, we didn't we didn't just show you guys know, we don't we didn't prepare Brian, we kind of given them some topics, but we really didn't. So let's have a little fun with Brian, you know, Brian's very polished. So we're gonna see if we can get get down to the to the breast. So I'm going to ask you about, you know, you've done a lot in just a short period of time, you mentioned you've been in the business for, you know, less than 20 years, right. And so, as we start down this path, I'm sure your your shelves are starting to get full. Right. So So one of the things we're I'd love to do with you is I'm going to take some accomplishments. And what I'm going to do with you is I'd love for you to share with me what it meant to you better. And so I think we can have some fun with that. So, so number one is yet Leader of the Year. What did that mean? So what did that What did what was what did that really means to you and for

Brian Haney 16:42

you. I mean, like, like a lot of things and especially so the things that NAIFA has done, for me, it was it was a real honor to put on that red jacket, especially considering the people that came before me. People I know, like trust, look up to and respect and think are some of the greatest professionals on planet Earth. So for me, it's still a little bit kind of a pinch me and I really is it really, I'm a part of this, this amazing crowd. Just an unbelievable experience, and one that I could not be more grateful for. But also one that, again, for me, I think really was just about a passion area. You know, I want to see, we collectively want to see, but I especially want to invest the next generation of industry professionals, you know, outside of just the digital disruption that's hit a lot of industries over the last decade, financial industry has gone through some radical changes at just about every level. And it's becoming harder and harder, I think, for us to bring in that next generation of talent. And I love this industry too much to see us not succeed in doing that. And so, you know, the acts as a part of the overall fabric of NAIFA has always been an area that I've just been passionate about. And hopefully, I can continue to help find those next generation of talent to professionals. But yeah, it was it was a remarkable experience to receive in an editor. I couldn't be more grateful for it.

Suzanne Carawan 18:26

Awesome. I was gonna ask Brian, so you mentioned kind of earlier that you had great mentors have brought you in 18 years in Are you now a mentor to mentees? Do you have mentees that you know or

Brian Haney 18:39

I still I try to be I've had a handful that have had some mentoring time with me and and I tried to be intentional about that. I will say this year, I haven't had the bandwidth as I have had in years past which has been unfortunate. It's it's it's been a bit of a crazy year for a lot of reasons, which we don't have time to cover on this show. But but that is something that I do continue to want to make sure I get the chance to do because again, I you know, I could rattle off a very long list of people that have had such an impact on my life. And so if I can do just, you know, a fraction of what has been done for me for somebody else, absolutely look forward to doing that. And I think that that's also something Suzanne that I understood coming in how I was raised in playing sports and just kind of, I guess the way that I grew up, I kind of had a sense of the need for you know, yes, mentoring can be I think sometimes before voting word, or one that doesn't really fit but I understood the need to be around people that could help me you know, that are that are ahead of me but would be willing to help me come along. And so I intentionally sought that out. I don't know that everybody recognizes how beneficial that can be. So certainly I encourage people to pursue that. And, and for the couch, everybody out there, because everybody that wears a red jacket, I promise you, if you reach out to any one of us, we're absolutely there for you willing to help you out and do whatever we can to plug into your world and make your world better. So

Chris Gandy 20:21

right, I'll tell you, thank you for your commitment to the industry. You know, we paved the way for others to do not just to make that road easier. But we paved that way. So that so that they can learn from our mistakes, right. And so and it also learned through experience. So let's move on to the next one diversity champion of the year, you know, I you know, that, that that one's interesting, because when the word diversity comes up, you start to think of, of segments. And so that one is, is a unique one, ever, you know, not a lot of people are named diversity, anything other than the things they may eat or drink, right, you know, that maybe that's diverse, but or maybe their stock or bond portfolio, or maybe their insurance, as it deals with diversity champion, talk about that one, and why diversity. And I know this, because I've spent some time with you why diversity is so you're so passionate about it. Yeah, I'm

Brian Haney 21:27

so I will say this, that that is definitely the most meaningful to me of anything that NAIFA has, has been kind enough to give to me that that's that that was a true gift. Yeah, you know, I again, could serve, so we won't have a three hour long show, I'll try to really condense this diversity for me is, is more than just a passion, it's a core of who I am. I had some very, you know, I, I if you see me know me and understand where I came from, I am not a lot of people look at me and say, I have, I would have had a life experience that would have maybe propelled me into trying to be somebody that, you know, is about diversity and tries to champion diversity, because I am well aware of all the privileges that I was afforded, growing up that so many people don't have. But I had some very early experiences as a as a young man, going into professional where I just saw things that I that I guess, you know, you have those, those paradigm shift moments, or those moments where your eyes are open to things that maybe you just didn't see before in your life. And they were very, very impactful for me. And so I just, you know, made a decision. I can't be somebody that stands idly by and doesn't try to make changes when I know changes need to be made, especially when it comes to who has access, who has opportunity, who's a part of, you know, the process, if you will, and, and frankly, how do we make more space for people at the table, because guess what, the table should be big enough for everybody. So I'm just I really, I tried to live and breathe that I tried to, as I built a practice, I wanted my practice to be reflective of the diversity of my area. So I'm very fortunate being in Washington, DC, Washington, DC is one of the most diverse cities in the country. So I have a lot of opportunities to build across, you know, diversity, demographics, because the you know, you can form those relationships, you can find them, they're not hard to find, but I've been intentional about that. And, and definitely tried to target underserved communities. You know, I'll say this, this isn't a pop an unpopular thing to think about. But the history of money in our country is unfortunately a pretty dark one, where financially money has been used to build more barriers than it has built bridges. And just, I see that I see the history of that and I recognize there for today, we have the opportunity to reverse that. And to use money to build bridges and to be a part of transforming changing lives and making sure that you know, we can leave this this planet better than we found it so I knew that's a lot long winded answer that that award just you know, it causes me to cheer up a lot when I think about it and it was so meaningful and I'm so grateful for that.

Chris Gandy 24:42

Next one, let's let's go to there's one that's not not on my list, but I was there success stood next to what about in 2021 I believe you were named a National Luminary. I stood next to you and we took a couple of days. together, but then we'll actually put them on the on this podcast here. But I thought that that was that was one that's different, right. And it's different because it's not just the insurance industry, you know, it's recognized through the financial industry as a whole. Talk to me a little bit about that one. But you know, as a Luminary, you know, is to light something up so, and to and to be a beacon of light. Right. And so talk to me about that award and kind of what it meant to you.

Brian Haney 25:32

Yeah. Now, again, another great and wonderful experience, and I'm so glad you and I had the chance to share that together. That was that was an awesome moment. And, yeah, I think that that was certainly again, it's a more concentrated, kind of do the investment landscape framework. And I think, for me, it was probably, again, twofold, a trying to be a change agent and a thought leader that is actively working to better the industry. So you know, things that I know, you and I and so many people in Asia share, we take advantage of the fact that we're beginning platforms, and we use those platforms to make an impact and to encourage others to be change agents as well. But I think another thing that are, again, is part of the value of our company, we really do specialize in understanding, values based investing, and frankly, how can you align your own values and your money, we are green America certified as a practice something that is not easy to do. But we've been really intentional about that. We want people to know why we do what we do, what we stand for, and that we can help you in a variety of ways, personally, professionally, financially. And, you know, that is something that's a growing part of society, economy and the financial industry, you know, more people recognize that one of the biggest ways we vote is with our wallet. And that has a massive impact. So I think both of those things kind of came together in that moment. And again, I think that it's it's a great part of what we do professionally, that we can have an impact both relationally. And then, you know, in even you know, things is as rudimentary as financial alignment and investments. So it's powerful. Awesome.

Chris Gandy 27:33

Talk to me a little bit about now, you know, you've been tapped on the shoulder. One, where were you when you found out that, hey, you know, what, I'm gonna be representing this, you know, the association at a national level, when you got the word that you were going to be a trustee for 2022 and an ongoing years, where were you? And then what would you like to say about the opportunity that it serves for you to be a trustee? So can you can you can you touch on those two things? Yeah. So

Brian Haney 28:05

I was, interestingly enough, at a at a financial conference called fin con. down in Florida, it's a it's a conference every year for financial content creators. So bloggers, people that have YouTube channels, podcasters, etc. And again, all of you know, what brings them all together is we all talk about money. So they call it money, your money nerds unite every year, the theme, and it's such a great conference. So that was a it was it was a an interesting place to be to then get the call and find out. Again, just another rewarding and humbling moment, you know, I wanted to the reason why would even throw my hat in the arena to be able to be a trustee is, again, I want to serve NAIFA with everything that I got. And this is one of the, you know, additional higher opportunity, ways that I can do that. I personally and professionally think that we're at a very pivotal time right now, just in society, in the industry and in our association. And so I welcome the chance to be a partner with a lot of other leaders to be, you know, a voice to shape, the organization guided, shepherded and make sure we continue to not just survive some challenges, but thrive and find the opportunities and the next way forward. Because I think the NAIFA of 2023 and beyond is is you know, likely going to look very different. Because let's face it, what we do and how we do it and the way our culture is very different. And so but we are so uniquely positioned right now to capitalize and catapult ourselves forward. And so it just, it is again, a tremendous honor to be given this opportunity. Certainly for this way, and I hope that I don't disappoint. Awesome.

Chris Gandy 30:06

So, so So Brian, we got a tradition here, which I'm sure I'm sure Suzanne did not tell you definitely prepare for this. Okay, so any kind of thoughts you would like to kind of throw out before we get into what I call the Fast, fast money round here, where basically, I'm going to pepper you with questions, and the first thing that comes to mind, is how you have to answer so so there's no like long thoughts. It's, it's, it's just we go, Hey, we SP questions and boom, whatever is at the top of your head. That's where that's where we go, No explanation needed. And we go from there. But anything specific that you would like to kind of just say to NAIFA, you know, NAIFA or anybody's listening? What about people? You know, I would like you to make a comment about people thinking about joining NAIFA Because maybe they stumbled on this on Apple or podcast and are like, hey, you know, I follow that guy. I didn't know he did this. And, you know, I mean, anything that you would like to say, of why they should be a part of the association.

Brian Haney 31:13

Absolutely. So I'm gonna I'm gonna respond to both sets. If you're a NAIFA a member, thank you, thank you for being a member. It's it's meaningful, it's great to have you, as a part of this community. You being here, and being engaged and supporting NAIFA is what NAIFA is all about. And if I don't know you, or if I haven't met you, please come introduce yourself, come find me, I try to show up at every single event, we have at least one we're coming together. So I try to be accessible. And definitely you can find me on LinkedIn. If you're not a member of NAIFA. And you're in the financial industry, I would just say, if you want to get better, you gotta consider joining. I could not, I cannot underscore undersell how important my membership experience has been. It's just, I don't have enough time. We don't have enough time. So if you want to, again, if you want to find your tribe, that you don't feel like you have one or even if you do, but you want to enhance it with some just amazing colleagues, professionals, people that become friends and family to you. NAIFA is the place and I can I can safely tell you, you will continue to again grow personally, professionally, you'll find nuggets of wisdom, things that will help you get out and get where you're trying to go. It would it would be a shame not to be a part of what we've got going on. Because what we got going on is pretty

Chris Gandy 32:47

awesome. Yeah. Awesome. Thanks, Brian. Well, let's let's let's roll right into the speed round. How's that?

Brian Haney 32:56

I'm ready. All right. So

Chris Gandy 32:58

I'm gonna give you topics if you don't answer. I'm just gonna go the next one. We're gonna we're gonna rock and roll fair. Let's do it. Cool. All right, so we'll start off pretty easy. So sports your favorite sport? I heard that you are you you've played sports. Your favorite sport?

Brian Haney 33:16

Lacrosse, lacrosse. 

Chris Gandy 33:20

University in which you attended. 

Brian Haney 33:22

Indiana University go Hoosiers 

Chris Gandy 33:24

Go Hoosiers All right. So we're moving along your favorite NBA or NFL coach. 

Brian Haney 33:32

Oh man. Pass

Chris Gandy 33:36

Your favorite your favorite sports figure? 

Brian Haney 33:40

Favorite sports figure? There's probably a few. Muhammad Ali stands out just incredible human being and then obviously you're credible champions. 

Chris Gandy 33:51

What are your favorite quotes?

Brian Haney 33:58

Gee, favorite quotes are so many if if you are renewed repeatedly do an excellence is a habit and not an act.

Chris Gandy 34:07

Okay, perfect. If people are watching this, they'll notice there's a bulldog above your shoulder. That's correct. Why the Bulldog?

Brian Haney 34:16

So we went we went all in on a rebrand and also decided that we were going to go all in on a mascot as well. So much about Bulldogs bring out our personality and who we are as professionals as a company. So it just made a lot of sense. My I worked with my father and he has we've had many many English Bulldogs so we have them in the family. We do have a legitimate official mascot. This is the picture and the logo was actually designed from pictures of our our mascot. His name is Otis he's a few cans short of a six pack as all good bulldogs are. So he's a ton of fun. And yeah, it's a it's It served us well. We, when we were I saw Kevin may you most recently at the ASAE annual conference, and he visited our booth and one of the big things we have at our booth are Bulldog stress balls that are very popular by the way so we run out faster than I would like us to we go ahead

Chris Gandy 35:21

Suzanne. We look forward to both getting one of those stress Bulldogs one of those so we can use it on our podcast a to promote you and then the work you do, but also the show you our commitment to two members. We want to thank you for your service. And not only is your service what you've done up to this point, what's your future service

Suzanne Carawan 35:45

dog for the next trustee meeting? That's what you need to do.

Brian Haney 35:49

I just got the brand new order. They came in last week I got a whole box full of them. So absolutely, I will I will bring a whole bag of them. 

Chris Gandy 36:01

And we thank you for everything you do. Thank you for being a part of our park our podcast, we're gonna say goodbye Suzanne, would you like to say anything before I close this out?

Suzanne Carawan 36:12

I just like to say thank you everyone. Thank you Brian Haney thanks to The Haney Company for being 100% agency and just reiterate Thank you Chris. And if you need any more information we're right there at belong.naifa.org.

Chris Gandy 36:24

Brian, any last words before we go? 

Brian Haney 36:27

I'll just say this. I too am a podcaster. So if any of you listening to this want to check out a nice financial show do look me up as well. It's the handy company financial guy. It's on every single podcasting platform you can shake a stick at. And yeah, and if I can do anything for you, please reach out and let me know what that is.

Chris Gandy 36:50

Awesome. Thank both thanks. Both of us are wonderful. In our guests Brian Haney Suzanne, our wonderful our wonderful queen and princess have this this podcast here. And as I wrap us up, you know, it's always great to reflect on on the work we've done. But we've only just began begun to do the things that are important that actually move the needle. You know, an Advisor Today in our podcast, our goal is to uplift empower, educate and allow for the future of NAIFA for us to support each other through growth and development. With that being said, Thanks all for attending and Brian said at best is that we want to create bridges and not barriers. So we appreciate that quote, bridges and not barriers. So be the conduit for that. Thanks and we'll see you again soon. Have a great day.

Outro 37:43

Thanks for joining us for NAIFA Advisor Today podcast series. Make sure to subscribe to get future episodes. And if you're interested in coming on the show, let us know



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