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If you take a look around, you will notice all of the noise in the Medicare space. Whether it be the technology platforms for quote and apply, the renewable income stream, or a plethora of prospects, you may think to yourself, where do I start?

Let’s start with the technology platforms. Being able to quote, save, and compare Medicare choices for your clients is imperative. When CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) removed your ability to save drug plans, this opened up innovation in the independent distribution. Now you have the ability and convenience with Search & Save options that allow you to load your clients' medications and then recall that list and simply update it instead of recreating it every year.

You also may be wondering if this is a market that you want to expand into. With 10,000 Americans turning age 65 every day, there are plenty of prospects and they need your help. Not to mention, first-year commissions for 6 years! It’s about quantity, and you aren’t lacking in the Medicare market. Also, being able to compare Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement plans to bring the best choice to your clients is of importance. Having a quote engine that can do that will make your life much easier especially during the crazy, hectic Annual Election Period.

With the tools and resources available to you today and the distribution partners that can help you be successful, now is the time to uncover the exciting space of the Medicare Market! You can get access to MedSupp multi-carrier quoting system and learn more about the Search & Save platform at Producers XL: https://www.producersxl.com/medsupp-agent-registration-page/.

Aged MedSupp Leads and CRM

The internet has made it so easy for customers to request information and internet marketers are very efficient at collecting those requests. But then the process begins to break down with lots of leads being abandoned or underserved.

This is where lead brokers are so valuable to the customers you want to talk to and lead buyers like yourself. Those lead vendors typically used search engines, email, display ads, Facebook ads, or mobile ads to generate the leads without incentives. You can buy blocks of qualified sales-ready MedSupp leads from 3 days old to 11 months old, the older the lead the lower the price. ClickVoyage LeadGen offers MedSupp and Life insurance Aged leads: https://www.insurtechexpress.com/medicare-lead-generation/

You can import the leads into your CRM. You can then run marketing campaigns using tools like HubSpot or SalesForce, for example. I am specifically talking about the marketing modules that allow you to create and track email campaigns or social media campaigns, like on Facebook and LinkedIn.

There’s also software that lets you integrate enrollment platforms and CRMs for selling Medicare Insurance and other health insurance products. Trusty.care’s Back Office Pro for distributors and agencies tracks the efficacy of lead campaigns and performs other back-office functions like commissions accounting. You can learn more by visiting https://www.trusty.care.

Agencies Transforming MedSupp Paper Applications to Data

In a demanding environment where there are deadlines to meet and application entry aplenty, Paperclip embarked on a mission to alleviate the new business enrollment process in the Senior Market space. Agencies processing Medicare Supplement, Advantage, or PDP plans still receive about 65% in paper or image, and although the landscape is changing, the need to process business from paper or image remains.

Mojo4Medicare takes our proven process to digitize data, both handwriting and text, to manage enrollment applications using automation paired with high accuracy levels, security, and compelling turnaround times, no matter the quantity submitted simultaneously. Clients avoid typing and indexing in favor of having Mojo automatically file both data and images to supporting systems.

What does this mean? Agencies can sustain the load of applications coming in: no more backlog, no more data entry and filing, and case managers can focus on servicing and processing that business. You can learn more about PaperClip’s Mojo for Medicate at: https://paperclip.com/solutions/mojo4medicare/ 

Paperclip thrives on helping customers. Here is feedback from some of their clients:

  • “Managing over 25k agents, Mojo and VCF turned our 4-step process into one. We focus on case management.”
  • “Mojo performs the onboarding of new business…”
  • “With Mojo we can now scale with turnaround times like never before.”  
  • “Using Mojo this AEP was a game-changer for our agency.”
  • “Not having to worry about manually entering all of the applications into our system freed up so much time that we were able to reach out more to brokers to help increase their productivity.”

Ken Leibow is the Founder and CEO of InsurTech Express and a regular contributor to NAIFA's Advisor Today blog. 



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