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NAIFA Members Provide Financial Independence

We are pleased to announce that Tim Westerman, MBA, LUTCF is the 2023 Q1 Membership Hard Hat recipient. Thanks to his recruiting efforts, we added 24 new or reinstated members to NAIFA Nation! Like many members, Tim joined NAIFA in 1997 when his agency manager told him he needed to belong. As a Sales Leader for State Farm in Chesapeake, VA, Tim feels that "paying your NAIFA membership dues is paying for an insurance policy premium put in place to protect our livelihoods." Because of this mindset, he has strongly encouraged his team to belong to NAIFA.

Tim recalls an encounter during his first year as a NAIFA member. During a local meeting, an advisor from a competing agency approached him and asked him about his practice, and offered to provide advice for Tim to open his own agency. This advisor was also the moderator for his LUTCF course and provided many insights into the sales and marketing process. Over the years, this advisor became a great mentor to Tim. He states, "Where else would you find an agent/advisor of a competing company willing to help you in your business? That's what NAIFA is all about. A rising tide raises all ships and iron sharpens iron." Thank you, Tim, for your dedication and leadership! We are #NAIFAproud to call you one of our own!




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