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I Love NAIFA Month Hero


February Is I Love NAIFA Month

Patricia (Trish) May is a third-generation NAIFA member and the Young Advisor Team (YAT) Chair for NAIFA-PA. May and her sister, Carina Hatfield, followed in the footsteps of their father and grandfather and now run Weigner Insurance.

As a child, May thought the world of insurance was boring. With her father in the office and her mother raising the children at home, on Take Your Child to Work Day, May chose to stay home and help her mother clean rather than spend time at her father’s office. However, May’s opinion changed in adulthood, as she realized the importance of insurance and financial planning. 

When May’s first son was born, she decided to join the family business. She appreciated the flexibility the role offered, as well as the satisfaction of continuing her family’s work in their community. Her grandfather’s clients, who remember her running around the office as a little girl, now work with her and her sister. Their clients find comfort in knowing their families will always be taken care of by someone who knows and cares about them. 

A Personal Connection 

May recalls working with the widow of one of her grandfather’s clients after a recent storm. The woman’s house and car flooded, leaving her with nowhere to stay and no transportation for several weeks. May worked with her, helping not only with filing claims but also with buying a new car and finding contractors for her home repairs.  

In addition to generational clients, May works with young families. With two middle-grade children, she understands the needs of her clients and can connect with them on a personal level, helping them with financial and insurance needs similar to her own family’s. 

May believes an essential quality for a successful agent is knowing when to ask for help. “Being comfortable and confident in yourself enough to ask other professionals to be a resource for you and to help you is important,” she says. Another important trait is listening to and responding to clients, working with them toward their own personal goals. May finds that one of the most difficult things to do is to set aside her own thoughts about what is best for her clients and listen to their wants and needs, choosing to focus on what her clients value most. 

The Benefits of NAIFA Membership 

May says that NAIFA’s resources have been invaluable in her career. From networking to continuing education to grassroots advocacy, NAIFA offers a plethora of benefits for those who choose to get involved.  

May recently completed NAIFA’s Leadership in Life Institute (LILI), a six-month leadership development program devoted to advancing members' personal growth and professional success.  

She also embraces the opportunity to learn new information and skills through NAIFA Centers. The Advanced Practice Center, Advocacy Action Center, Business Performance CenterLimited and Extended Care Planning Center, and Talent Development Center are hubs of helpful information, curated with content relevant to members in different specialties.  

Similarly, May has found value in NAIFA Impact Weeks, which each feature one week of hour-long discussions on industry topics. The sessions are available to all NAIFA members, not just specialists in each industry sector. “If I don't write a lot of long-term care, but I want to know enough to help my clients and become a better resource, it's available,” May explains. 

To help other young professionals learn the value of NAIFA membership, May recommends the Advisor Ambassador Program. She believes that access to advice from industry experts and to video archives, included in the Advisor Ambassador curriculum, is an invaluable resource. 

Getting Involved 

As a YAT member for NAIFA Pennsylvania, May recognizes the importance of helping other young people get involved. She explains, “Just by being a member, you have this whole pool of people that are willing and ready to help you because you are also a member. I think that's one thing that NAIFA has that's super valuable that you can't put a price on.” 

Thank you, Trish, for your service to our industry and association. We’re #NAIFAproud to call you one of our own.



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