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May Is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Since he won the Four Under Forty Award three years ago, Adam Solano has been a busy man. He has spoken at industry gatherings, acquired a couple of agencies, and improved the operational efficiency of his firm to enhance his clients’ experiences. Here are his thoughts on what it takes to move ahead.

Advisor Today: How has your practice changed since you won the award in 2009?

Adam Solano: I continue to implement changes in my practice to create efficiencies in my operation in order to improve my clients’ experiences with our firm and the products and services they own. Happy clients + Happy staff = Happy Adam.

Advisor Today: What are some of these changes?

Solano: The primary change since 2009 occurred because one of my vendors dug into their pockets and put me through a coaching program that concentrated on systems and operations. For the past 18 months, we have been implementing those changes and enjoying the fruits of that labor.

Advisor Today: What are some of your future plans, going forward?

Solano: I continue to serve on my local NAIFA board, my state NAIFA board (Illinois) and a committee or two with MDRT. I do not plan on minimizing my level of service to our industry. However, I would like to speak again at an annual MDRT meeting, but that decision isn’t entirely up to me. Also, since acquiring two insurance and planning practices from retiring Mass Mutual agents/advisors in 2008 and 2009, I am looking for a third.

Advisor Today: In your opinion, what can advisors do to move ahead? What do you think are important keys for success in this business?

Solano: They should be willing to work hard and do the right things, accept the fact that it can take time for good things to happen and develop, and have faith that it will all work out.

Advisor Today: In our interviews with other winners, some have mentioned the important role that NAIFA and the products it offers help them generate sales and move ahead. Is this true in your case? Are there any specific NAIFA products you have found particularly useful and beneficial?

Solano: I am a huge NAIFA ClientCast podcast fan. We send it out every month to our clients and prospects, and we have received a lot of positive feedback. In fact, last month’s podcast on life insurance (John Wheeler) helped me write $30,000 of whole life premium. I also regularly use the Personal Planning Checklist found in the NAIFA Virtual Library. It has been an effective tool in my fact-finding process. [Both of these products are free to NAIFA members - click here to learn more about NAIFA.]

Advisor Today: What advice would you give to advisors who are just beginning their careers? Would you advise them to join NAIFA?

Solano: It is my opinion that NAIFA and MDRT will refine you as a person and as a professional. You will learn a great deal and make some long-time friendships along the way.

Nominate a rising star now

If you know a NAIFA member like Adam who is making a difference in his or her profession and community, nominate him or her for the Four Under Forty Award today. The deadline is NEXT WEEK! Click here to download the nomination form (PDF) or find it in the March/April issue of Advisor Today.

Don’t hesitate. Send in your nomination form today–your candidate might be just the one who has what it takes to join the ranks of the Four Under Forty!



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