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Financial Planning Month-October

October is Financial Planning Month

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Selling Disability Insurance: Leverage May's Consumer Awareness Campaign

By NAIFA on 4/27/12 11:45 AM

May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month. It's the perfect time to boost your sales of disability insurance by taking advantage of these tools:

"Paycheck Protection – The Conversation"
A Free Webinar for NAIFA members, by John F. Nichols, CLU, MSM, NAIFA Secretary and president of Disability
Resource Group, Inc. John discusses the latest LIMRA disability buyer research, why and how to have
the conversation with your clients, and proven sales approaches. Help your clients protect their paycheck, dreams and goals in the event the unexpected happens! Visit www.naifa.org/webinars.

The LIFE Foundation's Consumer Campaign and Producer Toolkit
The Producer Toolkit makes it easy for you to quickly put together a Disability Insurance Awareness Month marketing program that will help you connect with clients and prospects. Begin by reviewing the Marketing Guide and then browse the other resources by category.

Click here for The Producer Toolkit, which includes:

  • A guide to the consumer campaign
  • Online and digital resources
  • Educational resources for you to share with clients and prospects





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