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Life Insurance Awareness Month

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

liam13esiasonSeptember is Life Insurance Awareness Month, the public-relations and marketing campaign spearheaded by the LIFE Foundation to encourage all Americans to take stock of their life insurance needs and buy the insurance they need for themselves and their families.

To help with your marketing and outreach efforts, LIFE has created valuable resources you can use to easily pull together an effective Life Insurance Awareness Month campaign. Visit www.lifehappens.org to find out more.

This year, the spokesperson for LIAM is Boomer Esiason, a record-setting NFL quarterback, and now a seasoned radio and TV broadcaster. Before his fame on and off the gridiron came a tough road for Esiason and his family.

When he was just 7, his mother, Irene, who was 37, died of cancer. That left Esiason, his father and his two teenage sisters to create a life for themselves. A three-hour daily commute to work in New York City left Esiason’s father with little free time, but he always made sure he supported his son, both on and off the field. The family was also forced to rely on friends and relatives, as Esiason’s mother had died without life insurance and there was little money left each month to pay for any extra help.

Through determination, hard work and the support of his father, he was able to leverage his talent at football to gain a full scholarship to the University of Maryland. He then went on to become one of the most successful quarterbacks in NFL history.

From the beginning, Esiason has protected his family—wife, Cheryl, and their children, Sydney and Gunnar—with life insurance. And as his career as a radio and TV broadcaster has grown, his life insurance coverage as grown as well. It has become especially important to him, given that Gunnar is fighting cystic fibrosis and will need financial support throughout his life.

“Life happens at the most unexpected of times, and life insurance is about protecting the future and the people you love,” he says. “Remember, if something happens and you haven’t done the planning, the people you leave behind will feel the brunt of your mistakes.”

For more information about LIAM, contact Matt Derrick at mderrick@lifehappens.org, or at 703-888-4442.


By Ayo Mseka
Advisor Today




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