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Why NAIFA Needs to Modernize National Bylaws

By NAIFA on 8/7/17 9:10 AM

Topics: NAIFA

In a story on ThinkAdvisor.com, NAIFA's Executive Committee discusses the Board's proposal to modernize the national bylaws.

The board's proposal is based on three recommendations from NAIFA's Quality Member Experience Task Force. They are:

1. Create a federation structure with chapter relationships between national, states, and strong locals, so we have fewer – but more successful – associations to pursue the NAIFA mission.

Stakeholders all agree that NAIFA needs a structure that lessens the burden of bureaucracy and allows us to be more nimble and decisive so we can respond to the industry’s increasing challenges, while embracing new opportunities. Our current governance structure holds us back.

2. Establish standards for successful NAIFA associations of which we are all accountable at the national, state, and local level.

NAIFA members have identified the standards for success; they are not standards for failure. Holding each other accountable to standards is not aimed at seeking to punish one for falling short. Rather, where standards are not met, we will work together to help each other overcome obstacles and challenges by cooperatively seeking to achieve success. Teamwork will be essential in ensuring that states, locals, and national meet the standards.

3. Move to one consistent dues amount nationwide.

Reducing the number of dues structures from 600 to one will simplify operations, reduce administrative costs and promote cohesion. It’s that simple.

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