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November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month

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Brooke Shields Is LIAM Spokesperson

By NAIFA on 7/9/19 11:12 AM


Brooke Shields, actress, model, designer, and mother, is the spokesperson for this year’s Life Insurance Awareness Month campaign. LIAM is the life insurance awareness campaign coordinated by Life Happens each year and supported by the nation’s leading financial-services organizations.

Shields’ story is being shared through a national TV and radio public service announcement (PSA) program that began broadcasting this summer and will continue until the end of the year. The PSAs are available on the Life Happens website, along with educational information and interactive tools, such as Life Happens’ Life Insurance Needs Calculator, to help consumers evaluate their own life insurance needs and get the protection they need.

Serving as an executor of a friend’s will, Brooke saw firsthand the unique challenges that arise when someone passes away without life insurance. These experiences, coupled with a deep commitment to protecting her family financially, reinforced for Shields the importance of life insurance and teaching her daughters about financial planning and how it is a key component of personal strength and independence. Through the partnership with Life Happens, her goal is to demonstrate both the financial and emotional benefits that come from prioritizing life insurance.

“Life insurance has given me peace of mind that, no matter the circumstance, my family is financially protected now, and in the future,” says Shields. “This isn’t anything I was taught growing up. It’s a life lesson I learned on my own and want to share with others.”

Brooke also knows that life insurance isn’t something most people want to think about. “It may seem scary and even unattainable at first, but life insurance is much more affordable than most people realize, and the certainty it offers is invaluable,” she adds. “I’m thrilled to be supporting Life Happens by sharing the message about the value of life insurance so more people can protect their loved ones.”

“Brooke truly understands the role of life insurance in investing in her children’s future, and like all parents, she wants to teach them about financial preparedness so that they can successfully navigate their own life journey,” says Faisa Stafford, President and CFO of Life Happens. “By sharing her experiences with life insurance and helping to highlight the educational resources we have for consumers, she’s supporting our efforts to encourage others to secure their family’s financial future with life insurance.”

To learn more, visit www.lifehappens.org.





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