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LTC Worksite Enrollment in a Virtual World

By NAIFA on 11/11/20 10:12 AM

During a presentation at NAIFA’s 2020 Impact Week: Long-Term Care currently under way, Denise Gott, CLTC, explained how advisors in the long-term-care insurance and long-term care space can improve the process of virtual worksite enrollment. Gott is with ACSIA Partners, LLC, one of the largest distributors of long-term care and related insurance products and services in the country.

ACSIA has been doing virtual worksite LTC enrollment since 2010. As a result, they were not surprised when they had to move to a work-from-home, virtual scenario because of the social-distancing mandates imposed by COVID-19.

The pandemic has highlighted health concerns and has proved to be a special challenge for people needing LTC services. It has also emphasized the need to plan for the future and the need for long-term care products and services as many older Americans choose to stay longer and longer in their homes. As they choose to age at home, this is creating a need for an increasing number of caregivers. In fact, 10 million employees are now serving as caregivers for family members. This is putting a burden on these caregivers. They have to take time off from work to care for their family members and even when they are at work, they are not as engaged or as productive as they could be.

ACSIA is offering YourCare360, ana online worksite long-term care education and insurance program, coupled with a no-cost assembly of caregiving leaders and resources. YourCare360 offers a full range of resources that can be accessed online year-round by employees and their families, saving them time and money and helping soothe the frustrations of coordinating help when it is needed.

By using YourCare360, employees and their families can perform many functions, including speaking with counselors and conducting research to determine their best options. It opens the door to more clients for advisors, boosts their employer-client benefit offerings and increases their vested revenue stream.



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