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April Is National Financial Literacy Month

NAIFA has released its NAIFA 2025 Strategic Plan, which establishes a roadmap to lead the association to new heights of success over the next five years. NAIFA 2025 sets priority goals and desired outcomes for association years 2021 through 2025 in three categories: Membership Growth, Brand Amplification, and Member Experience.

The NAIFA 2025 Strategic Planning Committee met throughout the late summer and fall of 2020 to develop a comprehensive plan to build on the success of the NAIFA 20/20 Strategic Plan, which was implemented in 2016. The new strategic plan builds on NAIFA’s work of association modernization and digital transformation. It focuses on accelerating NAIFA’s outreach to all producers to invite them into an organization that represents the entire financial security profession nationwide.

“Our Strategic Planning Committee consisted of an amazing group of experts on the insurance and financial services industry, NAIFA’s membership market, and association management,” said Committee Chair Lawrence J. Holzberg, LUTCF, LACP. “They are a cross-section of NAIFA members and volunteer leaders as well as thought leaders from NAIFA’s corporate and association partners. They have developed an excellent plan that puts NAIFA on a strong footing to meet our challenges, amplify existing successes, and create new strengths.”

Membership Growth

NAIFA will create and implement a sustainable growth model that assures it is recognized as the leading voice and preeminent membership association for insurance and financial security professionals in the United States. Carrier companies, broker-dealers, and individual agents and advisors will recognize NAIFA’s advocacy and professional development strength and view NAIFA membership as fundamental to professional and industry success.

Membership growth outcomes will involve increasing NAIFA’s engagement with agency managers, company leaders, and the community of insurance and financial services professionals. Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives will broaden NAIFA’s appeal and promote increased opportunities for a diverse pool of professionals to succeed in the industry. An emphasis on engaging with younger professionals and providing training, professional development, networking, and mentoring to help them succeed will aid in NAIFA’s recruitment of the next generation of membership. NAIFA will also leverage its political advocacy strength to appeal to a broader array of financial professionals.

Brand Amplification

NAIFA will take its brand identity that projects strength, success, and value and amplify it to the American population of insurance and financial professionals. The brand will resonate with members, non-members, insurance and financial services organizations and companies, the media, legislators and regulators, and other stakeholders. NAIFA’s brand will be uniform across its chapters and will generate feelings of pride and unity for members and volunteer leaders in every state and local chapter.

The NAIFA brand will project a clear and consistent value proposition across NAIFA Nation, demonstrating NAIFA’s unity and strength at the home office and state and local chapters. On-brand messages will appeal to audiences at the corporate, manager, advisor, and consumer levels, emphasizing NAIFA’s strength and success and positioning NAIFA members as the leading professionals in their field.

Member Experience

NAIFA will provide members with a high-quality, inclusive, and innovative quality member experience for a united group of professionals throughout their careers. The high-quality membership experience will be consistent for all NAIFA members and will include opportunities to engage in advocacy, professional development, and networking programs. NAIFA membership will deliver consistent, high-level value for members and the consumers and communities they serve.

NAIFA will leverage technology to market and deliver professional development, networking, advocacy, and other benefits that are easily accessible and reflect changing business and communications practices among insurance and financial services professionals. NAIFA will leverage the best practices of chapters and good ideas of volunteer leaders and chapter staff and replicate them across the NAIFA enterprise.

Next Steps

NAIFA’s Board of Trustees has unanimously approved the NAIFA 2025 Strategic Plan, and CEO Kevin Mayeux and senior staff are developing Year 1 tactics to execute on plan strategies and achieve stated goals. NAIFA’s Board of Trustees will regularly review the strategic plan and, if needed, make adjustments to meet the changing business and market needs of NAIFA members and the industry. NAIFA will develop annual business plans to create tactics and execute on the established strategies for a given year to achieve the goals and stated outcomes. The business plans will be developed and shared with the Board, partners, and membership to provide transparency and offer blueprints for NAIFA’s operations.



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