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NAIFA Members Provide Financial Independence

Stephen Kagawa, the Founder and CEO of The Pacific Bridge Companies and NAIFA’s 2020 Diversity Champion, has published a new book, Aloha Financial Advising: Doing Good to Do Better for Your Clients and Yourself.

Drawing on his personal experience and success, Kagawa presents a new paradigm for taking client relationships to the next level by focusing on listening and serving to build trust versus quotas and selling. The book achieved #1 status on the Amazon.com best-seller list on its first day of release.

In the book, Kagawa expresses his hope and desire to help fix what he believes is the broken relationship between financial advisors and those they serve. Shifting this relationship is his underlying objective as he seeks to better meet the financial concerns of ethnic communities from Asia in the United States, while positively shaping the future of global financial navigation for those living and working between those countries.

Kagawa shares a unique approach to financial advising by shifting the focus away from products and services to focus back to those being served. Whether you are new to the industry or a twenty-year veteran, the new set of priorities laid out in this book will help balance the pressure to sell and chase money with the alignment necessary to serve clients in a truly holistic way.

Kagawa’s book, Aloha Financial Advising: Doing Good to Do Better for Your Clients and Yourself, is available on Amazon.



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