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June Is National Annuity Awareness Month

NAIFA kicked off its week-long leadership training for state and local chapter leaders. NAIFA President Cammie Scott welcomed attendees to the virtual program.

NAIFA’s “leadership comes from our members,” Scott said. “This is our strength. This is what sets us apart. Thank you for your leadership. Thank you to each of you for stepping up, for giving of your time, your talents, your loyalty, dedication and most of all your commitment.”

Scott’s remarks were followed by a CEO Update by NAIFA CEO Kevin Mayeux and a Leadership Charge issued by NAIFA President-Elect Tom Michel.

“Your leadership skills are a function and a result of what you do throughout your life,” Michel said, “and I believe a lot of what you do here at NAIFA will develop your leadership skills that will benefit you in and out of the business.”

“Many of the leadership traits that you learn in NAIFA roles actually lead to increased business,” Michel added. “Why am I doing this? Why am I taking away from my practice? Well, I think you’ll find that your leadership roles transition over to your person production and you’ll see a win-win situation. The fact is, most NAIFA leaders will tell you that their best production years where while they were serving in leadership roles.”

NAIFA leaders, he said, “produce the ideas, the goals and the vision, and NAIFA’s staff will help you execute them.”

Bob Harris, CEO of Harris Management Groups, led a discussion of how state and local chapters can build successful Boards and empower their Board members to succeed.

During breakout sessions, chapter leaders received in-depth training and access to resources on working with a board of trustees, leadership succession planning, strategic planning, and finance and compliance matters.

NAIFA is committed to providing volunteer leaders with the support and training they need to assure that their leadership experience is personally rewarding and beneficial to their fellow NAIFA members. NAIFA’s Blueprint training will continue throughout this week.



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