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NAIFA Members Provide Financial Independence

NAIFA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Impact Week media coverage garnered positive media attention. Four articles from INN highlighted the event from different perspectives to include why DEI is a critical issue in the finance industry, planning for long-term care in the black and brown communities, and advancing women in the financial service industry. All four articles hit key points which were communicated throughout the DEI Impact event and aligned with the message NAIFA wanted to convey.

Racial Equity Is Different From Diversity, NAIFA Members Told

Racial equity is different from diversity efforts, and Derrik Anderson told NAIFA members how and why this is so. Anderson is executive director of Race Matters and spoke during Thursday’s portion of NAIFA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Impact Week. He discussed why DEI is a critical issue for any organization and provided some practical steps on what individuals can do to advance the cause of racial equity. Racial inequity was part of the U.S. from the beginning, he said, with government passing and enforcing laws that determined everything from who could vote to where people were permitted to live. Read the article at InsuranceNewsNet.

Choices Lead To Freedom When Planning For Long-Term Care 

Planning for long-term care provides people with choices. And those choices lead to freedom. That philosophy especially rings true in Black and brown households, where family members are more likely to provide care for an aging parent or grandparent. It’s something that Chris Gandy called “the brown tax.” Gandy, founder of Midwest Legacy Group and a NAIFA Trustee, gave his insights Tuesday on long-term care and underserved markets as part of NAIFA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Impact Week. Read the article at InsuranceNewsNet.

Industry Still Lags In Developing, Advancing Women, WIFS President Says

It’s not difficult to attract women to the financial services industry, said Carrie Sayre, president of Women in Insurance and Financial Services. But it’s the development and advancement of women in which the industry fails. Sayre, who is chief talent officer of 6M Group, spoke Tuesday as part of NAIFA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Impact Week. She said women make up 13% of producers and 18% of leaders in the industry, a percentage that hasn’t changed much over the past 30 years. Read the article at InsuranceNewsNet.

Life Insurance Industry Eyes ‘Moon Shot’ In Underserved Communities

The life insurance industry has a chance at a “moon shot” this year in terms of expanding its investment in underserved communities. That was the word from Bruce Ferguson, senior vice president of state relations for the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI). Ferguson and two other ACLI executives spoke on the organization’s Economic Empowerment and Racial Equity Initiative on Wednesday during NAIFA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Impact week. Read the article on InsuranceNewsNet.

Several partner organizations, including ACLI, OneAmerica, and INN, featured DEI Impact Week posts on their social media channels.



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