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Bryon Holz

Bryon Holz is the President of NAIFA, providing investments and insurance to successful individuals and business owners throughout the Southeast with Bryon Holz and Associates, which he oversees as President and Registered Principal. He has obtained numerous designations and certifications over the years, including Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®), Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®), Chartered Advisor for Senior Living (CASL), and his LUTCF designation and LACP certification.

Bryon is a graduate and Presidential Scholar from the University of Tampa. He is also a graduate of Leadership Brandon and NAIFA's prestigious Leadership in Life Institute (LILI).

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Bryon Holz talks about dedicating and committing yourself to your vocation early on for the greatest impact
  • Bryon shares some of the proudest moments of his career
  • Why NAIFA is an abundant resource for members throughout the country
  • How to embrace and benefit from trends and programs to reach more clients 
  • Bryon discusses how social media can be a tool for opportunity
  • Ways to strengthen your profession through networking

In this episode…

Cracking the code of social media is not an easy task. How can you break through the bonds of technology holding you back? What type of content can you deliver to attract a wider audience?

Crafting authentic content is a strategic method for connecting with people. Bryon Holz is no stranger to social media, using social platforms to connect and educate clients and advisors on best practices. The upside of utilizing social media is the ability to customize content for a catered experience. While Bryon supports his clients through social media platforms, he also dedicates time to recognize and celebrate his clients and their families. He strives to build lasting bonds and collaborations for growth. 

In this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Bryon Holz, President of NAIFA, to discuss embracing the change of technology. Bryon talks about the value of mentorship, building authenticity through social media marketing, and the importance of partnerships. 

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Sponsor for this episode...

Advisor Group, Inc., is the nation's largest network of independent financial advisors serving over 11,000 advisors and overseeing $450 billion in client assets. Cultivating a spirit of entrepreneurship and independence, Advisor Group champions the enduring value of financial advisors and is committed to being in their corner every step of the way.

To learn more, visit https://www.advisorgroup.com.

Episode Transcript

Intro 0:02

Welcome to NAIFA's Advisor Today podcast series, where we focus on how financial advisors work, live, and give to their local communities and our greater financial services industry. Now, let's get started with the show.

Chris Gandy 0:21

Hi, this is Chris Gandy. Welcome to 2023 and Advisor Today podcast with our wonderful host, Suzanne Carawan. Hi, Suzanne. Hey Chris, where we featured at the top leaders and insurance and financial services. Today, so we have a wonderful guest. We're super excited to have the president of the Association on today. But Suzanne, tell us a little bit about our sponsor for today's podcast.

Suzanne Carawan 0:47

Yeah, so today we have a sponsor that is a big fan of Bryon Holz, a matter of fact, who also thinks Bryon holds rocks. And that is the Advisor Group. The Advisor Group was also kind enough to sponsor and help support Bryon, as he ascended the Presidential throne there and took office and took his oath of office, if you will, at our November national leaders conference that we had this past in Washington, DC this past November, they have a great video that we would like everybody to watch, we'll put out in the blog as well. But a great group. I think we'll probably hear Bryon talk a little bit about them and the support that they give to Bryon. And so thank you again, the advisory group. We love working with you back to you, Chris. All right.

Chris Gandy 1:30

So Mr. Bryon Holz Welcome to, to the wonderful, esteemed our We're in our second season now. And we've made it we made it past year one, you know, we had some hiccups along the way. But we're so proud and happy to have you here. And welcome you to the to the podcast. So welcome. Welcome, Bryon.

Bryon Holz 1:50

Thank you very much, Chris. Glad to be here. And glad to have Suzanne on with us as well. I'm excited about the new year 2023 is going to rock and just glad to be a part of it. Thank you.

Chris Gandy 2:02

So So Bryon, let's let's let's rewind the tape, you know, everybody wants to know, like, where it all began. So if I rewind the tape and said, you know, what gave you the impetus to come into the financial services career or the financial planning career or the insurance career? Like, why are you in this business? Where to come from? That's a great question,

Bryon Holz 2:29

Chris. And you know that the expression of even a blind squirrel finds an acorn, eventually, it was pretty much by accident. I was a senior in college and university of Tampa presidential scholar in the early 80s. A time when it was difficult to find a good career position, it was the midst of a recession. And there weren't many jobs available career positions available. So a good friend of mine had been in the business for a few years. And I was meeting with them. And he said, What are you gonna ask me what I was going to do? I said, I'm not sure there aren't too many opportunities available. And he said, Well, why don't you come work with me for a while until you get a real job. So it was pretty much by accident, but But what attracted me and what really kept me going year after year, you know, for all these years was the fact that I was independent, I was able to help people. And my compensation was directly related to how many people I was able to help and to what extent. So I really appreciated that. And I was very fortunate to find this early on. It's really all I've done since I was a senior in college. So do

Suzanne Carawan 3:34

you feel like it's a real job now? Is it now a real job? At what point did it become real?

Bryon Holz 3:39

That's a great question. Because they say that you're never employed, if you love what you do, right. And I do love what I do. So I see it as a vocation. I see it as more than a profession, I see it as a calling. And so I just love it. And I hope it never becomes my real job. So

Chris Gandy 3:59

So Bryon, let's let's talk about the real job. You know, I there's a lot of new advisors, new to NAIFA. And they're listening to and inspired by by you. If you could do it all over again. Is there anything you would do differently in the first two to three years? During your startup phase of your business? What would you do differently? If you could? Let me ask that question, and I have a heartbeat of that question.

Bryon Holz 4:37

Sure. That's a That's a great question. I think that the discipline is so important when you're first starting in the business, I didn't have many obligations. So I wasn't that motivated, perhaps do as much as I should have been or could have been. So I think having more focus, having more goals, and having more discipline and what I did, I thought that maybe I was unsure at the beginning of whether this was going to be my career or not. So I think I would burn my bridges sooner and become more dedicated to the profession earlier on. And I think it's a lot easier today, especially for NAIFAfa members to find mentors, and find processes and find ways to do that to starting out in the business. So that's what I would do differently. I'd be go all in quicker,

Suzanne Carawan 5:27

as Chris Gandy would say you're in the convenience phase not fully committed. Right? It was convenient, right? You're saying go all in to start with and keep yourself accountable?

Chris Gandy 5:37

Correct? Yeah, burn the ships,

I get it. So. So that's what you would have done differently. mentors. Let's talk about that. Bryon, you know, you're a mentor to many. But who mentored you? Is there one person that stands out when you say, bad, you know, without that, that that human being, my path would have been different? Well, certainly, it

Bryon Holz 6:03

was my friend who brought me into the business, my former high school biology teacher, Doug Brainard. He's been my mentor for years and decades. And still, my dear friend. Without him, obviously, I wouldn't be in the business. But another thing is, I've been like a sponge early on. And one of the great things about the firm I started with was the culture where we shared ideas, and it's unfortunately that that company is gone. But that culture remains a NAIFA. So I was able to just spend lots of time with my colleagues, and everyone had been in the business longer than me at that time. So I considered everyone a mentor. And so that's really what I did is I would seek out at meetings and attend every meeting, I could and, and, and ask for advice, and just listen to those who are doing well, and those who have gone before me.

Chris Gandy 6:53

So obviously, you've been in it. So how long have you been in the business? I know, we don't we never ask. We never ask someone's age. But have you? Are you 20? Plus, you're 20 plus years, and I'm 23. So I'm assuming you've been in the business at least, at least one hour before me? Right? So would you say you're you're between 25 and 30? You're between 30 and 35? Or you're like the Wheelers of the world. And you're like, I've been in it since I was 12 years old, you know, that type of thing? Yours, right? I mean, share with us a little bit about your tenure. How long have you been in the business?

Bryon Holz 7:28

This is my 40th year in the business

Chris Gandy 7:30

40th year, so round of applause to you for not only the work you do, but the dedication to help other people achieve, you know, the things they wouldn't achieve without someone like you giving them direction, someone caring as much as you care about them and their families and making sure that you know, when everybody else shows up with the bills, you show up with checks, right? Because you know, this is the reward behind, you know, it's the reward behind some of the work that we do. It's it's not the glamorous part, but it's the most meaningful part to be there when people need us the most milestones, so your proudest moment in the business? Let me let me ask that. I mean, that's always kind of a nostalgic question is you get a chance to kinda, hey, you know, this was kind of a, this was a big kind of a big deal for me, what was what was one of the, you know, the Holts milestones that you would say, has really been a been a significant milestone for you. And you really are super proud of.

Bryon Holz 8:31

Well, Chris, obviously, being a part of this podcast today is a big one for me. But in addition, in addition to that, serving as your name for president is just huge. There's nothing more significant, I think, than what NAIFA does for our profession. And being the president and being at the helm of that this year is is obviously very humbling. And I'm very proud of that. And to follow in the footsteps of so many great leaders that we've had for NAIFA. But on the other hand, some of the other proud moments I have, and I shared some of this at the NLC in November, about our first time my first death claim, I'm very proud of that it's nothing I really celebrate, per se, but that really brought to the forefront of my mind. And they say you're not in the business and the you may be in the business, but the business isn't in you until you have your first claim. And so that was something I'm hugely proud of. And every time I have a claim, that's a big deal for me. And I'm very proud and humbled when those occasions occur. Other things our company had a future leaders program years ago, and I always thought of myself as young in the business, I still think of myself as young in the business. And I think that's good. I think it's important to have a sense of wonder and be open to learning and to be open to change and transition. And so I think anytime there's a program like that, like Lilly, or something else, I always try and be open to that and be a newbie and experience it in a new way. So every day is a new day for me and every day, there's something to be excited

Chris Gandy 10:00

about. Great.

Suzanne Carawan 10:03

Since you bring that up, uh, Bryon, a lot of our listeners might not know what Lily is. And I know you're such a big proponent. I know if you know this Chris is going to be a lily enrollee soon and we'll go through Lily. But

Chris Gandy 10:15

now my first class is my first Yeah, we had our pre and now I'm in I'm in class. This This one is the real deal couple weeks.

Suzanne Carawan 10:26

Bryon Do you want to kind of give us a brief thing of Lily and what why people think it's so amazing. And what you'd get out of it, just give us give a plug Go ahead.

Bryon Holz 10:34

Lily is stands for Leadership and Life Institute, and NAIFA came out with this over 20 years ago. It's a leadership course over six months, where you meet once a day, once a month, for a full day with others around the nation, and go into ourselves and dig into ourselves and how to become a better leader, a better person, certainly a better producer. But it's just a very holistic program that made a huge difference in my life, not only when I first participated as a participant, as a student in the course, but later on as a moderator twice by experiencing it through the eyes of others. So if you have an opportunity to participate in this, I highly encourage you to do so. It makes such a difference in so many lives around the country. And it's just an awesome experience. Yes, it'll help you be a better producer. But more importantly, it just elevate yourself in so many ways that I can't even articulate. It's just outstanding. I'm happy for you, Chris, you're gonna love it.

Suzanne Carawan 11:34

And I think I'm not wrong. I think we're in our 22nd year of Lily. And we've had over 3000 graduates and we have a really strong alumni community as well. So Chris, you will soon add that to your list of alumni circles to which you belong.

Chris Gandy 11:47

Awesome. So so so Suzanne, we have the president here. You know, the President always has an address and and Bryon many people weren't able to be at NLC. For it read for multiple reasons, whether it travel, sickness, illness, whatever it may be. Would you share with us a little bit of your words or your thoughts around 2023? You know, what's on the agenda? What do you hope to accomplish? And what are you super pumped about in 2023? With the vision of NAIF?

Bryon Holz 12:26

Absolutely, Chris. First of all, I am NAIFA proud and excited about our continued strong presence in all 50 states and in Washington, DC. No one does advocacy, like NAIFA. And when we're up there for the NLC in November, that was another example we were we showed up and secure act 2.0. Passes shortly after I mean, our presence is undeniable. And I'm just that's one of the things I'm most excited about. I talked about, you never forget your first time, like your first day on the hill, whether it's in your state capitol bar in Washington, DC. And I'm excited about more Nate NAIFA members throughout the country having their first time at a Day on the Hill, whether in their state or in Washington. So that's one of the things I'm NAIFA proud about. I'm also just NAIFA Excited about the thought leadership that we're having through our centers of our thought leadership through the centers of excellence, the Centers of Excellence have been developing over the last few years, where are we getting the best thought leadership and the best minds in the various areas of our profession, and bringing all these resources for our members throughout the country. So that's something that I'm really pumped up about, and it's going to be wonderful. And there's just more and more available, like this podcast for our members to sharpen their saws, and to sharpen their blades and become better professionals and serve more of the public. The other thing I'm really excited about is that we're NAIFA diverse, that we're doing a better job every year of of not only better representing our profession, but the communities that we represent, it's so important that we make sure that we recognize that and we're doing that through our future leaders program. We're doing that through our dei symposium. And in many other ways. I'd like to congratulate you again, Chris, for being our diversity champion for last year. We're doing a lot but we need to do more. So these are the three areas I'm really pumped up and excited about naper proud NAIFA excited NAIFA

Chris Gandy 14:32

diverse. Awesome. So Bryon, let's talk. You know, I'm gonna go into weeds a little bit, shall we? And let's talk about the old versus the new. Right and, and one of the things we had an opportunity to and those of you didn't get a chance to participate. We got a chance to participate in APEX last year. Right and, and the way in which you grew up in the business and the way new people Coming into the business is complete opposite, right? And so in. So how do you see the NAIFA embracing the change of the way in which we go about we go about doing business, I mean, we went through COVID, right. And all of a sudden, they you know, we were we were we were built on the visit, we grew up in the business, we're pressed the flesh, hey, you have to show up, and you have to be there and you have to you have to look them in the eyes, you have to, you know, you have to shake their hand and you got to promise them when you leave that I'll be here when you need it. You know, there's certain aspects of that that happened. But that was the evolution of the business. So we saw at Apex kind of the future of what the potential potential visit, I'm asking a question specifically around just just thought provoking. What are your thoughts around how NAIFA can separate itself as a differentiator, a differentiator, a differentiator, of thought, around the way we go about doing business? Because I think there's something there, we have something that most people don't have that experience. And that experience is years and years and years and years, and years, and years and years, and a collaboration of that in technology. So what are your thoughts around around that? Mr. Old because I know you're technology savvy. So I mean, that's, that's kind of one of those things, you're not a throw throw back where you know, you're still using the pen and paper. You're using technology, I can see it here on the screen right there. So by the way, there are people that have watched the podcast, and we get them on here, and they still can't figure out how to do the Oh, I got turned my be I can't turn my video off. And I turned off my sound and you know, so you are with it. Right? So you technology wise, you have step your game up. But where do you see NAIFA going to blend that the future and the past? That's a

Bryon Holz 17:05

great question, Chris. And it's interesting, because we you mentioned COVID, of course, and how that forced so many of us to to change and transition to newer technology. It was at least two years before COVID that we started in our practice to do most of our client reviews and client service virtually over the phone or zoom. And so I think many of us in our profession had had been in this direction already. NAIFA itself has been doing this even before COVID came. So what that does is it accelerated it for the rest of us, as well as for those who are already starting. I think there's great promise and value in what we're doing as a profession. And as NAIFA to do our meetings to present to our our members and our future members, hybrid programs, both in person live, as well as through podcasts and webinars which they can see on demand. It's just the possibilities are limitless, what we can do doing this way. And in the past, we used to have something called What was it called? It was like CEE and a can or C E and a bag, you'd get this program from NAIFA. And it would be an outline, and it was very specific, and you had to do it a certain way. And it was good, but it wasn't that fresh. And now what we can do is we can change things on a dime, we can update things instantly, electronically, virtually. And I think it's just wonderful what we can do now. And so I think that NAIFA specifically is the only opportunity I think for, for the industry to really embrace that and really benefit from that through all the products and services and programs that we're doing, such as the centers of excellence.

Suzanne Carawan 18:47

So one thing I'd say, Bryon, and Chris, you can chime in on this one, too, if you would, because both of you have really embraced social media to speak directly to clients and to potential clients. And so I think, Bryon, I think if you can talk a little bit of how you use social media, in your practice, a lot of advisors are still really hesitant, you know, they don't know how to navigate the world and maybe compliance and things like that. How have you been able to be so successful? And like, what are you using social media for? Then? Chris, I'd love you to chime in too.

Bryon Holz 19:15

That's a great question. First of all, I'm very fortunate that our firm, the Advisor Group has a great social media dashboard and a way for us to do things that get approved and a very easy process for that. So it's valuable if you have a firm that does that. And I don't mean to you know, say anything about one over the other but it's many of the largest firms do that these days. So what we do is we're certain to do a whole month in advance of our planning for social media. We brand ourselves anyone who follows me knows what our brand is. It's rock, it's music. If you have a passion for sports, take that and run with it. If you have a passion for golf or whatever it is or cooking. Use that as a brand and use it on social media. We post regularly and we Post about our brand via music. We post about things that are currently regarding tax law changes and retirement plans. For example, we try and post things that are very ongoing and a value to our clients regularly. Much of it's from life happens one of NAIFA's best partners, whether it's I love insurance, or it's disability awareness, they have different campaigns throughout the year. But we're dripping that to our clients and prospects regularly on social media, through Facebook, through Twitter, through LinkedIn, and even some of the others we sometimes use Instagram and Pinterest. So our clients and our potential clients see this, that we're in the forefront of their minds. They're thinking about it regularly, we get referrals regularly, people say, Hey, don't you do insurance. So we use this as an opportunity to be at parties all around the country, in essence, socializing with people that we know, kinda know. And it just works really well. So it's important as advisors, certainly naif as well to have a foot in the past, and recognize that it's important is to do the old thing, sometimes some direct mail, sometimes, you know, do some real advertising, but also recognize the value of the social media. And that's worked really well for us. How about you, Chris, what are you doing with social media,

Chris Gandy 21:21

I would simply say that, you know, I, I work with the actual marketing group. And one of the things that they specifically said is that, you know, people want the content, right, and they want the content to be authentic. And so part of that is, we use social media to talk about being different in a way that that is in alignment with, with the common themes that are in the marketplace today. So if you see a lot of our stuff, typically, it's embracing the things that are happening around us, like, right now we have pieces running on recession, right now we have pieces, talking about the impact of war on investments, we have one right now running on how to actually read an investment state, because most people don't even read the statements, they're gonna government, you know, so we have things that are relative, meaningful, inspiring and powerful. So that's kind of our you know, our acronym in our offices is we kind of fold those things in. And if I look at it and say that, that that doesn't, that doesn't move me, everything we do from a social media perspective needs to inspire and uplift people. And that is part of what we arrest part of, of the message says how we use it. So we use it for experience, opportunity, enhancement, enlightenment, so we use it in a positive way, you know, social media can be used both positively and negatively. We choose to use it on the positive side. And we choose to do it in a way that's tells a story, right to give color to the TV to give color to, you know, you say yesterday was someone talking about financial services and your life dreams? And we were like, Oh, well, are you? Okay? And again, they go numb with with with the idea of doing it. And I'll ask people after our conversations are, have you ever experienced anything like that? After the conversation? And if the conversation is well, yeah, you know, I did that last week, then I did something wrong, you know, the engagement of that process and the ease of doing business, I think, if you take that what they call the Starbucks effect, and you take that book that they help, you know, navigate from a marketing perspective, one of the things they said is Starbucks goal isn't to have the best coffee, Starbucks goal is to be a place where people feel comfortable, and they can do they can they can feel at home, enough so that they can work from there. And they can do other things from there. So if you think about that experience, everything that we put out there and everything we do is to enhance the experience of others. So that's how I use it. Everybody's different. But I think as we move forward, I think that's going you know, it's inevitable that we try and use it in that way. And, and kudos to you, Bryon. Suzanne is one of one of the best she she does a fantastic job on my back. I hope one day that we are 1/100 of a marketing machine that she is, but you know, she's she's one of the best ones.

Suzanne Carawan 24:32

And again, pretty marketable. But I was gonna say I mean, I think that we're both I think all advisors listening to this can can really look at both of the work you're doing and model and get a lot of take home messages. And the big thing that I think people get caught up on is they're ready to sell and social media takes a little bit more time it's building relationship, but it's building that authenticity. So by the time someone picks up the phone, they do feel like they know you. And I think that's important. They know like okay, if we're going to go talk to Chris or we're going to talk to Bryon, they already have that rapport Build, which should actually fast track you, right in the relationship, once you actually do get down to sit down with them, you know, whether that's zoom or in person. And that's why you do it. That's why it's worth the investment. Right? It's, it's, it's, it's the getting to know you. And I applaud both of you for having the vulnerability, having the security and the courage to put out the vulnerability about who you really are, right what your firm does, and how that works. Because that's going to attract those people, right, like what you put out there. And it lets people really feel like they know you. And I think that's a that's a big piece. I mean, so Bryon, I think I go back to you and say, one of the greatest pieces of you, in my personal opinion of marketing you as our president, getting to know you is that you, you are very, you're very emotionally available, and you're emotionally available to your friends, your colleagues, but your clients. So can you give us a couple things in 2023, which you plan to do, to kind of keep that, that rapport going with your clients, because you've got a great lot of great things that you do

Chris Gandy 26:03

all the time. Sure. Well, I was

Bryon Holz 26:06

very fortunate to recently be featured in an article and insurance news network. If you haven't seen it, it's on the interweb. And it can contain some of the ideas that we use and some of the ways we do keep in touch with our clients and market ourselves. One thing that we do is we have an ice cream social once a year for our clients to celebrate our firm's birthday. And that's a fun time in the summertime who doesn't like ice cream. And we splashed out all over social media and invite multi generations, the whole family, if you're just starting the business, or if you're been in the business 20 3040 years, remember, you're we're not just helping our clients, we're helping their children and grandchildren, our future clients, we send birthday cards to everyone in the household for our clients include a stick of gum with that birthday card. And the reason we do that is because 1020 30 years later, the kids remember that when they're getting married, when they're getting their first job when they're having their children. The other thing we do, which is also a multigenerational is we have an annual movie event for our clients a multi generational family movie event, early December, it's the latest holiday blockbuster. And that's a wonderful chance to celebrate with our clients, and to really just have some fun, and help them to recognize that we're there just to celebrate what's important to them, which is family, and community. So those are just a few of the things that we do throughout the year, to keep in touch with our clients to serve them, and to make sure that they know we're here for them. Awesome.

Chris Gandy 27:38

Yeah, I think I think Bryon, you know, one of the things that I think everybody talks about is people by differences, not similarities. And I think our ability to be different. You know, one of the comments, I'll go back. One of the things that I think that I talked about the future of NAIFA. You know, the only organization in the industry in the longest standing Association, which is NAIFA, the partnerships that you guys do from a corporate perspective that allows for us to go out to build relationships like the fairway mortgages, and those those relations, those partnerships, allow for us to be able to collaborate and work

collectively with other professionals to do so. So what I mentioned, I just wanted to kind of bring that back. But I think our ability to to work with others who already have clients in a in a common conversation about asset protection and growth. And that's just and this is one I mentioned fairway but there's numerous ones that even at our board meeting, they came up and we're like, well, we have, we have a relationship with them. And so I think our ability to be able to not only bring and attract new talent, but be able to meld that through these partnerships and relationships, I really think is something fairly unique, that I think a foot truly has a you know, and is on the forefront of

Bryon Holz 29:18

absolutely that Chris, if you haven't looked at the website in a while there are so many partners and values and benefits that we have available to our members. I was visiting with a fairly longtime member recently about seminar marketing and whether I did any of course we have done some over the years. And we have partners there with they can offer NAIFA members discounts to get going with that. So if you need something and you're not sure about what to do, take a look at the Napl website and see what we have in that area and share with your colleagues. It's incredible the number of partnerships we have and how that can help you as a newbie as a new member as or as a longtime member.

Chris Gandy 29:57

Awesome. Suzanne before we run to run into the lightning round with President Holz anything specific you want to ask before we run it, we shoot to that round and, and get in and have a little fun at his expense? It's okay.

Suzanne Carawan 30:17

Well, I would note that I do think is interesting, Bryon, and it will be interesting for a lot of people out there, especially people that are coming into the business, maybe they decide from the get go that they want to be independent. I think it's interesting, you have been independent right from the get go. For 40 plus years, you're really an early adopter, and in many, many ways. So will that be part of your presidency to kind of keep a special eye on that independent sector? And things? You know, whether it's how we can serve them better, or do more with them or something like that, since it's near and dear to your heart? Suzanna? She

Bryon Holz 30:49

certainly has. But I think hand in hand with that I've never really thought of myself as totally independent. I like to think of myself more interdependent whether it was with my friends and colleagues, initially with my firm, or currently with all my fellow NAIFA members. We're interdependent upon each other for so many things, not just the advocacy that, of course, NAIFA has our biggest flag, but just learning from each other. So yes, we're going to focus on the independence to make sure that those who may not be aware of NAIFA are more familiar with what we do, share that message, help others experience their first time at Dan, the hill, or the NAIFA meeting. So absolutely.

Suzanne Carawan 31:30

And Bryon, if I wanted to find more out about what's happening in NAIFA for this year, what can I do?

Bryon Holz 31:35

I believe there's going to be a state of naipo webinar tomorrow at noon, live and will also be recorded so everyone can watch and listen in the coming weeks or months. And we do this quarterly I believe so we'd love to have you join us. There's a lot going on more than we can share in a quick podcast. So join us tomorrow, or if you can't join us tomorrow, watch it on the recast.

Suzanne Carawan 31:58

That's awesome. And you are rocking it already. Because I know this morning, I left I think we have over 750 people registered. So people are really interested, you know, just looking at the numbers over the years, they just kept growing and growing about what's what's this NAIFA? What are they all about? What are they doing? And, you know, where are the cool kids? Where do we find the cool kids?

Bryon Holz 32:15

This isn't I have to put on a tie like Chris.

Chris Gandy 32:20

Hey, listen, I figured Holz was coming. You know, I figured I needed to, to at least wear a bow tie, or at least a hat. You're known for dressing for, you know, appropriately. So let me ask one, one last question before we get into the lightning round your legacy? When you look back? What would you like to say? The legacy that you leave? On the NAIFA Mark? What would you like to look back and say that 10 years from now we look back we say Bryon's legacy he left on NAIFA? What would you say that you would hope it would be?

Bryon Holz 33:03

At the beginning of our year here, it's a great time to ponder and ponder that. I think at the end of the year, I might give you a different answer. But right now, I believe that the greatest legacy I could hope for, and I know that word, sometimes used a lot. And I know that's an important word for you personally and in your practice. But I hope my legacy is to strengthen what we do as a profession, that NAIFA Truly strengthens not only its members, but what we do entirely as professionals, that we can continue to increase the number of professionals we have the advisors and agents because I think we're at a pivotal point, our nation, our world is in need of healing. And I believe that our profession, the insurance and financial advisor has a very special place to provide some healing for for society for our fellow citizens. So it's my hope that this can be a lightning rod. And what we can do is strengthen that in the future that neighbor makes a difference, just as we do on the micro level with our clients and on the macro level for all of

Chris Gandy 34:10

society. That would be legacy. Awesome. So with that, you mentioned lightning, yep. You have any size like

Suzanne Carawan 34:22

we need to get, we need to incorporate

Chris Gandy 34:26

some graphics, graphics. So Mr Mr. Holz, it is an honor to serve with you. And I look forward to partnering with you on initiatives as we move forward through 2020 23 and beyond. Now, now you come into kind of my world and and I get a chance to put people kind of on the on the hot seat a little bit. And I get a chance to ask them what I call lightning questions, a lightning questions. The goal of these lightning questions is just for you to be able to top of mine, whatever comes up that's the answer. Um, you know, I know that you're well thought out and, you know, but this is set to kind of put to take you off balance a little bit. So I was told by a little birdie, that you're efficient and music. Is that correct? I have a passion for music. Okay, right. So, lightning round, we'll get going. Pretty much. I'll ask you a question you answer, and we'll move on to the next question. Right. If you don't answer I'll just move on to the next question. Anyway. You ready? You bet. So we'll start out we'll start out. We'll start off easy. Favorite food? 

Bryon Holz 35:40

Favorite food? steak. Steak. 

Chris Gandy 35:46

Got it. Cool. All right. Moving to something you may know about which pop group has a one our drummer 

Bryon Holz 35:54

Def Leppard 

Chris Gandy 35:55

Def Leppard Def Leppard. You are you are you are correct. All right. Next question. Which city is the band Oasis? Bro? London.

Bryon Holz 36:12

Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool. Manchester

Chris Gandy 36:14

match. Oh, man. One more. All right. What is the nickname?

Suzanne Carawan 36:19

I think you'd have credit for that.

Chris Gandy 36:22

What is the name of Billy Joe?

Bryon Holz 36:29

Piano Man the piano

Chris Gandy 36:30

Oh, man. Yes.

Suzanne Carawan 36:32

And he? I happen to know that that's not one of his guys. Especially Billy Joel is not one of those guys.

Chris Gandy 36:37

Last question.

Bryon Holz 36:38

He's great.

Chris Gandy 36:40

For the record. Yeah. Which movie has the best theme song? Ooh, oh. My boat is Top Gun. It just Yes. This is how it works. Can't go wrong with that song.

Bryon Holz 37:03

Well, okay, mine would be Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou? On me man of constant sorrow.

Chris Gandy 37:09

That's a good one. Go into Yeah. All right. So um, President Holz. It's an honor to serve with you. Any final words before we go back to Suzanne and I close it up for final words.

Bryon Holz 37:23

Chris, I just appreciate being here with a chance to share with our NAIFA members and future members throughout the nation. I hope you picked up a couple of things. And again, if there's anything we can do for you, NAIFA feel free to email me contact me. We are going to do this together. 2023 is going to rock and thanks for your continued leadership and support Chris.

Chris Gandy 37:41

Awesome. Suzanne. Yeah. Wonderful co host the Super hosts just the market here of all market tears. Any final words?

Suzanne Carawan 37:53

What I would say is that if you are out there and actually I have the new numbers and I haven't even shared with you we Chris our podcast numbers our downloads are unbelievable. And we'll put that out but just letting everybody know So thanks everybody who who's out there listening please subscribe to us. But what I would say if you're out there and you're not a member, or if you want to refer a member we got great benefits is here for referring people. You're not a member join because from now and through February and just as a little FYI, February's I love NAIFA month. So we're going to do all sorts of fun stuff with that. But from now through the end of February, if you join as a new member, or if you've refer someone and they join, you can get yourself a free copy of Jamie Hopkins and Ron Carson's new book, and it's out there, we're gonna give that out. And Jamie has been a great pass board member from last year and will continue on to our industry resource leaderboard. And so we're happy with that and congrats to Jamie on his his new book. But that's a little something that little sweetener out there. As we celebrate success together.

Chris Gandy 38:52

Chris, that's what I've got. All right. So with that being said, thank all of you for listening to Advisor Today podcast where we get a chance to bring wonderful leaders like our president, Bryon holds the wonderful Suzanne Karawang the marketeer of marketeers and we want to thank you we learned so much from Bryon today, the vision of where he sees naval going and his impact his legacy that he would like to touch and leave what we learned today of how to rock. Thank you, Bryon Holz. Thank you for listening to Advisor Today podcast where we promote uplift and inspire the leaders of tomorrow. Thank you so much. We'll see you next time. Bye bye bye

Outro 39:44

Thanks for joining us for NAIFA's Advisor Today podcast series. Make sure to subscribe to get future episodes and if you're interested in coming on the show, let us know



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