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NAIFA Members Provide Financial Independence

How confident are you in your employee classifications and the process you use to categorize them? Do you really understand the differences between exempt vs. non-exempt classifications when it comes to your white-collar employees?

Bring your questions to the Insperity webinar If a DOL Wage & Hour Investigator came calling, Would You Be Prepared? on September 22nd, 1 pm eastern. 

Presenter Anna Brewer, Director, Human Resources Administrative Compliance Center of Excellence, with Insperity, will provide information on what businesses are seeing from the Wage and Hour division of the Department of Labor as well as what to expect should you be subject to a DOL Wage and Hour Investigation. 

The webinar will review the constantly changing regulatory requirements of white-collar exemption changes providing clarity on the definitions and exemptions.  Anna will spend some time discussing what your business can do to help minimize the potential risk of an investigation and if it does happen, what to expect in the case of a DOL audit and how you can prepare.  

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Insperity is an Educational Partner to NAIFA as well as a supporter of NAIFA's Business Performance Center.  For members, you can learn more about Insperity and how to partner within the Member Portal.  



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