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May Is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Your prospects are just like you, they keep getting the same pitches to buy this and join that! That has made them numb to requests. Today you must provide immediate value if you want to be heard. That is where offering them on-demand education and premium money aggregation tool gives you the upper edge and goodwill. From there you can build trust and engagement.

How can you get them to hear you out?

First and foremost, from your marketing effort and your client interaction, what recurring client needs did you see? You can dwell for months on what the best approach might be, but the quickest path to the best solution is to guess and test.

Everyincome Sept Blog words

Begin your prospecting journey by thinking small — how do you make just one client really happy?

EveryIncome saw that the existing model for prospect engagement uses too much of your time and ignores the on-demand interactive education experience. So we focused on building a product that would improve that missing factor. The key was engagement on their own time. We took a guess that showing engaging financial content on an interactive dashboard would encourage prospects to learn more and reach out to you for paid services. And it worked, people want free and intelligent information before they buy anything today!

Get Your Static Leads Engaged First

You have your knowledge and presentation style and now it’s time to get those static leads to learn about financial matters for free in exchange for sharing their needs with you. Test your offers with relevant audiences under different themes by emailing them periodically, offering value add information as much as possible, and see how prospects engage with your new white-labeled platform.

Convert Some To Paying Customers

Which of your prospects enjoyed using EveryIncome and what you brought to their life the most? Track their engagement, wait for them to reach out, or email them directly!

See all their aggregated financials and save hours while getting them to sign on to your service! From then on, rinse and repeat! Marketing, after all, is a game of numbers and energy!


EveryIncome is an Educational Partner to NAIFA as well as a supporter of financialsecurity.org.  For members, you can learn more about EveryIncome and how to partner within the Member Portal.  




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