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April Is National Financial Literacy Month

Our clients look to us to lead them both in word and deed as trusted advisors. If you are going to advise a product that you should own, then you need to take action to purchase it yourself. Over the years, I have seen hundreds of agents who will carefully analyze their clients’ needs while giving little or no thought to their own.

You and your family deserve the same protection as anyone you will ever advise. It is all too easy to look only at others as we talk with clients about mortality, the high cost of long-term care, the probability of cancer, or other uncomfortable topics. Do you consider that you are just as exposed to those probabilities when you share statistics? It may sound harsh, but you can get cancer, need long-term care, need to be hospitalized, or die just like your clients can. 

As an agent, you would most likely receive the commissions on an application written on yourself. That means you can enjoy that protection at a discounted rate because of your relationship with that carrier. There is simply no reason not to take advantage of that opportunity. It would be a very awkward moment if a client asked you, "Well do you own it?" and you had to say no, but you should.

Add a powerful tool to your selling toolbox by having a copy of your personal policies to show your conviction to the belief in the products you offer. This week, take the opportunity to set an appointment with yourself to review your needs and the coverages you own. Do a complete needs analysis and ask yourself the same hard questions that you are willing to ask of your clients and prospects. Like your clients, you will feel much more secure having the protection you need.

Dan Mangus is the Vice President of Growth and Development at Senior Marketing Specialists and a contributing columnist for Advisor Today.



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